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It’s hard to believe, but oh so true.

My baby boy is seven.

Seven is not really little anymore. But not really big either.

I think 7 is just right!

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Dear Seven Year old Cooper,

Happy Birthday sweet buddy!

This year has been one of many adventures andĀ  changes for you and I have loved watching you embrace them all, fromcliff jumping to learning to read, like the courageous boy that you are.

You love first grade and are doing so well. Writing has become your favorite subject, second to recess of course, but your teacher and I both think the real reason you go to school is for socializing. You have good friends and are a great friend to many!

You have such a sense of adventure that can be seen in everything you do, but particularly in your birthday wish list which included a snow machine, a motorcycle and a four-wheeler. A seven year old can dream……

You LOVE to play out, especially sledding with friends and given the chance you would stay out all evening if I’d let you. Video games also top your list of favorite things to do when you aren’t able to play out.

These days you list your favorite foods as nachos with hot sauce, pizza and hot chocolate with “cool cream” (cool whip). However, you are not to picky and will eat just about anything I make as long as it doesn’t “come from the sea”.

It seems like just yesterday I was bringing you home from the hospital as my grumpy little jaundiced orange baby boy and now here we are at 7 years old. It is so hard to believe this time has flown by so quickly.

Little Cooper, I pray that this year is another adventure filled year for you! That you will continue to live life to the fullest and love others deeply. You are an amazing little boy and I am blessed to be your mom.

I love you so much Scoop!



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Bullet Points

  • I have once again survived strep throat. It was touch and go there for a day or two, but I pulled through…..Okay, that ‘s a bit dramatic, but c’mon people, strep throat sucks. Bad. or is that badly? either way, it is painful. I am super thankful to my friend Shelly (yes, I finally have a friend here!!) who delivered lemons and honey to my door to help soothe my throat with hot lemon tea!
  • This morning I was laying on the couch in our living room and I looked out our big picture window to see a bald eagle soaring in circles just above our trees. It was BEAUTIFUL. We have seen quite a few of them lately and they never cease to amaze me.
  • Today, when I was finally able to hold my head up without the assistance of super-strong mega-dose Ibuprofen, I wandered through the house picking up “schtuff”, I came across no less than three encyclopedias of Comic Super Heroes. Seriously, THREE, and they are huge books. All three are from the public library and are about different heroes. Is there really that many Super Heroes? I am pretty sure that the three males in this house would be perfectly content if their destiny in life was to BE Super Heroes. In spandex no less.
  • We had a very important milestone this weekend. It’s been one year since we left Washington for life in theĀ  Alaskan Bush! One year. It’s hard to believe. We were going to have a little family celebration before our uninvited house guest, Mr. Strep, showed up this weekend. We’ll celebrate sometime soon. So, who had wagers on whether or not we’d make it?
  • Our long days have started here and the weather has been beautiful! We’ve had highs in the 30’s for the last ten days and lots of sunshine. With that sunshine comes something that I LOVE; Ben’s freckles. His face is covered with them and I think they are soooo cute! I’m gonna have to try to get a good picture of them for ya’all.
  • Speaking of Ben, he helped me make dinner tonight. It was one of those amazing parenting hours. Not that what I did was amazing, but the time was amazing. We had the Worship playlist playing on Itunes, he was picking his favorites, playing them over and over and singing along. We also had a great conversation about making good choices and not judging peers who are struggling to make good choices, but rather encouraging them. I love that kid and his heart for people.
  • Lest you think it was all roses at our house tonight, after that amazing hour we had a not so great hour that included Ben fighting us about his math homework and declaring that he didn’t need anything more than 4th grade math and that he was quitting math AND me yelling at both of the boys to pick up their trails of stuff (yes, including those super hero encyclopedias).
  • Finally, a Cooper funny…..yesterday, when the boys got home from school Cooper was extra chatty. Very extra chatty, yet I was still very wiped out. I listened for as long as I could (which was pretty long), then I said “okay Cooper, you gotta stop talking so much.” To which he replied “I know mom, my teacher tells me that everyday.”
  • The End (not really, I just wanted to add one more bullet point).


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Carnival: If you came to my house today

I’m joining in on a bloggy carnival that I found through my friend Meredith (one of my favorite bloggers that I hope to meet someday “in real life”!). If you care to join along just head over to La Vida Dolce to link up.

If you came to my house today you’d find us still in our pajamas and beds unmade. There is no school today so the boys and I are home. Actually, the boys aren’t technically in their pajamas, they are incognito……long johns (white for Ben, black for Cooper), ski goggles and glove, with capes over their backs. They will likely spend the whole day pretending that they are superheros.

If you came to my house today you would find those superheros cleaning alongside their mom. They clean bathrooms very well, the biggest does the sinks, counters and mirror, the youngest scrubs the toilets. Cleaning bathrooms is a task I believe every boy should know how to do. Their wives will thank me some day.

If you came to my house today we would serve you Monkey Bread (we are going to use only one stick of butter, but I’m sure it will still be yummy ) and hot cocoa after you played outside in the fresh snow. Bring your coat, snowpants, hat, gloves and boots, because even though there isn’t a cloud in the sky, it is only 14 degrees out. Brrr!

If you came to my house today you would need to bring your game face, because after all the cleaning and playing in the snow is done, there will be games. The favorite of the house lately is Yahtzee.

If you came to my house today you could help me decide what to make for potluck Bible Study tonight. I need to go to the grocery store, but really don’t want to, so instead I’ll be seeing what I can dig up in the pantry to make.

The superhero wearing black, with a pair of striped pajama pants tied around his neck as a cape, has selected the High School musical as our cleaning soundtrack. It’s playing now, guess I better get started.

Thanks for coming by our house today!


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My sweet friend Michelle (the artist) gave me a new clock last winter at her Studio Sale. I was also able to buy the super adorable matching candlesticks.

Guess what?

He broke the clock AGAIN!

It involved a ball again too.


I want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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