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It’s hard to believe, but oh so true.

My baby boy is seven.

Seven is not really little anymore. But not really big either.

I think 7 is just right!

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Dear Seven Year old Cooper,

Happy Birthday sweet buddy!

This year has been one of many adventures and  changes for you and I have loved watching you embrace them all, fromcliff jumping to learning to read, like the courageous boy that you are.

You love first grade and are doing so well. Writing has become your favorite subject, second to recess of course, but your teacher and I both think the real reason you go to school is for socializing. You have good friends and are a great friend to many!

You have such a sense of adventure that can be seen in everything you do, but particularly in your birthday wish list which included a snow machine, a motorcycle and a four-wheeler. A seven year old can dream……

You LOVE to play out, especially sledding with friends and given the chance you would stay out all evening if I’d let you. Video games also top your list of favorite things to do when you aren’t able to play out.

These days you list your favorite foods as nachos with hot sauce, pizza and hot chocolate with “cool cream” (cool whip). However, you are not to picky and will eat just about anything I make as long as it doesn’t “come from the sea”.

It seems like just yesterday I was bringing you home from the hospital as my grumpy little jaundiced orange baby boy and now here we are at 7 years old. It is so hard to believe this time has flown by so quickly.

Little Cooper, I pray that this year is another adventure filled year for you! That you will continue to live life to the fullest and love others deeply. You are an amazing little boy and I am blessed to be your mom.

I love you so much Scoop!



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There’s a new head chef in town

I love milestones like this!

It means I’m doing a small part of my job right.



From start to finish. He did it all!



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Danger Seeker, part Deux

I have two boys.

One of them has an affinity for jumping off of things.

I blame all my gray hairs on him.


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Life here has just been plugging along. Here’s the highlights of our summer so far:

We moved. Not away from Dillingham, just to a new house here. Remember this house? It was a great house, with a HUGE kitchen and amazing windows. Having those windows was truly a blessing from God last winter; they allowed so much light in. However, that house was just too big and too expensive. We found a new place here and it is also amazing, albeit much smaller duplex. The owners live in the other half and are good friends of ours. They have 4 kids; ages 10, 7, 5 and 1. It’s like a playdate everyday…..except I hate the word playdate, so we won’t be calling it that.

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Camp. Ben went. He LOVED it! He wanted to go back the day he got home. I tried to get him to do a guest post about it, but he turned me down. So, this is what I know about it……He had a “totally awesome” counselor named Jacob and every time he talks about camp he refers to said counselor as “my totally awesome counselor Jacob”. I’m not sure if he was brainwashed by Jacob or if Jacob is truly “totally awesome”. Either way, I just appreciate an 18-year-old kid that is willing to take time out of his summer to hang with a bunch of ten-year old boys. The report that I got from Ben was that they played lots of games (including “Capture the Domesticated Farm Animal”…..ummm, yeah?), shot bb guns, swam in the lake, rode on a giant inner-tube behind the boat, played more games, ate moose stew, pushed their counselors into the lake (apparently while one counselor was being pushed off the dock Ben’s glasses were knocked off his face and into the lake. Apparently Jacob dove in after them and was able to retrieve them before they hit the bottom and that makes him “totally awesome” in my book!),  had a carnival, made hobo breakfast and went to chapel twice a day.  He came home a very tired (and stinky!) boy.

A few weeks ago (while Ben was gone), Dave, Cooper and I were invited out on the lake with our friend Clay. Cooper opted out in favor of staying to play with the neighbor kids, but Hannah (the oldest neighbor girl) wanted to go. We met up with Clay on a Sunday evening and headed out for a ride on Aleknagik Lake. It was truly a beautiful evening and I could have stayed out there forever. While the guys did a little fishing I sat in the boat soaking up the magnificent evening sun.

We’ve also stayed busy with baseball and soccer. And I mean baseball and soccer in the very loosest of terms. There is an organized league of 4 youth baseball teams. The league is open to kids ages 5-11. In sports that is a HUGE age gap. We have some teeny, tiny, microscopic little kids playing with some gigantically (yeah, that’s a word….I think), humongous, big boys. And kids of all skill level. Dave is coaching a team and again I use the word team very loosely. Our roster consists of 14 kids. On average about 8 make it to games and practice and it’s rarely the same 8! Still it’s fun and very laid back……nothing like suburban little league. (I’m joking there….kindof).

Soccer is about the same……primative. Another mom and I agreed to offer some soccer clinics, so on Saturday mornings we meet at the “soccer field” (yes, another loosely used term) for two sessions. We work with 5-9 year olds for the first hour and then 10-13 year olds for the second hour. Ending each hour with 15-20 minute scrimmages. Again, this is not what most people think of when they think soccer. There are no fancy uniforms, or try-outs, or traveling teams. Just a bunch of kids, that don’t even own cleats or shin guards, who meet in a bumpy field to have a little Saturday morning fun!

Alas, it looks like summer may be drawing to a close here in the Bristol Bay region. It has been quite rainy and rather chilly the past few days here. I have been told that fall will be upon us soon. And I’m pretty sure that by “fall” they mean rainfall. I’m okay with that, but only because in 5 days the boys and I embark on a month-long trip to the motherland; where summer is still in full-swing. We will be spending about two weeks with my family in Northern Washington and then Dave will join us and we will spend two weeks in the Vancouver area visiting his family and all our friends. There is much to look forward to……here is our list of things that we plan in being overjoyed about: cereal for less than $5 a box, Sonic happy hour, seeing Toy Story 3 in the theatre, 80 degree days, darkness at night, hanging out with cousins, watermelon, strawberries, corn on the cob, less mosquitos, Target, Subway, trying out 5 Guys Burgers and Fries for the first time, playing in a relatively warm lake, water slides and staying at both grandma’s (who understand the importance of having chocolate milk) houses.

And I leave you with one last thing that I am going to enjoy during my month away from the bush:

Paying less than $5.61 a gallon for gas!

There, now you’re all ketched-up.


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Bullet Points

  • I have once again survived strep throat. It was touch and go there for a day or two, but I pulled through…..Okay, that ‘s a bit dramatic, but c’mon people, strep throat sucks. Bad. or is that badly? either way, it is painful. I am super thankful to my friend Shelly (yes, I finally have a friend here!!) who delivered lemons and honey to my door to help soothe my throat with hot lemon tea!
  • This morning I was laying on the couch in our living room and I looked out our big picture window to see a bald eagle soaring in circles just above our trees. It was BEAUTIFUL. We have seen quite a few of them lately and they never cease to amaze me.
  • Today, when I was finally able to hold my head up without the assistance of super-strong mega-dose Ibuprofen, I wandered through the house picking up “schtuff”, I came across no less than three encyclopedias of Comic Super Heroes. Seriously, THREE, and they are huge books. All three are from the public library and are about different heroes. Is there really that many Super Heroes? I am pretty sure that the three males in this house would be perfectly content if their destiny in life was to BE Super Heroes. In spandex no less.
  • We had a very important milestone this weekend. It’s been one year since we left Washington for life in the  Alaskan Bush! One year. It’s hard to believe. We were going to have a little family celebration before our uninvited house guest, Mr. Strep, showed up this weekend. We’ll celebrate sometime soon. So, who had wagers on whether or not we’d make it?
  • Our long days have started here and the weather has been beautiful! We’ve had highs in the 30’s for the last ten days and lots of sunshine. With that sunshine comes something that I LOVE; Ben’s freckles. His face is covered with them and I think they are soooo cute! I’m gonna have to try to get a good picture of them for ya’all.
  • Speaking of Ben, he helped me make dinner tonight. It was one of those amazing parenting hours. Not that what I did was amazing, but the time was amazing. We had the Worship playlist playing on Itunes, he was picking his favorites, playing them over and over and singing along. We also had a great conversation about making good choices and not judging peers who are struggling to make good choices, but rather encouraging them. I love that kid and his heart for people.
  • Lest you think it was all roses at our house tonight, after that amazing hour we had a not so great hour that included Ben fighting us about his math homework and declaring that he didn’t need anything more than 4th grade math and that he was quitting math AND me yelling at both of the boys to pick up their trails of stuff (yes, including those super hero encyclopedias).
  • Finally, a Cooper funny…..yesterday, when the boys got home from school Cooper was extra chatty. Very extra chatty, yet I was still very wiped out. I listened for as long as I could (which was pretty long), then I said “okay Cooper, you gotta stop talking so much.” To which he replied “I know mom, my teacher tells me that everyday.”
  • The End (not really, I just wanted to add one more bullet point).


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Best.Day.Ever (in Dillingham)…..


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Happy Things

  • My husband is such a hard worker. I am really proud of him and the way he provides for our family.
  • My 10 year old is so capable of many things. This morning he made delicious smoothies for breakfast AND cleaned up his mess.
  • Cooper is on his way to becoming a reader. He still struggles with recognizing a few letters, but he can read quite a few “sight” words and sound out words with letters he knows. At the beginning of Kindergarten he could only recognize 8 letters, so this is huge!
  • We signed up for Full Circle Farms again. This week our box contained potatoes, cabbage, apples, yams, pears, oranges, avocados, tomatoes, mushrooms, lettuce, spinach, kiwi, cilantro and limes. My fruit bowl overfloweth!
  • It has warmed up a little today! It is 15 degrees out right now. That is much better than -5.
  • We were supposed to get more snow today but right now the sky is blue and the sun is shining.
  • I am completely addicted to this blog. She has a beautiful story to tell and does it so well.
  • Last fall the school had a fundraiser where you could order different products (mugs, aprons, note cards, mouse pads made from your child’s artwork. We ordered note cards and sent a set to each of the grandmas for Christmas. This past week Cooper got a card in the mail from one of my mom’s cousins with a note saying “Dear Cooper, Thank you for the beautiful picture. You have a very good imagination and a steady hand to color so nicely! Here is some money for art supplies-I appreciated your artwork-a budding artist! Have a nice day! Your grandmas cousin, Terry” Apparently grandma sent cousin Terry (whom I have never met) a note on one of Coopers cards and she liked it enough to send the budding artist $20 for art supplies. What a fun surprise!
  • It has turned out to be a beautiful day, I think I’ll head out and try to get some pictures of life around here.


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