It’s hard to believe, but oh so true.

My baby boy is seven.

Seven is not really little anymore. But not really big either.

I think 7 is just right!

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Dear Seven Year old Cooper,

Happy Birthday sweet buddy!

This year has been one of many adventures and  changes for you and I have loved watching you embrace them all, fromcliff jumping to learning to read, like the courageous boy that you are.

You love first grade and are doing so well. Writing has become your favorite subject, second to recess of course, but your teacher and I both think the real reason you go to school is for socializing. You have good friends and are a great friend to many!

You have such a sense of adventure that can be seen in everything you do, but particularly in your birthday wish list which included a snow machine, a motorcycle and a four-wheeler. A seven year old can dream……

You LOVE to play out, especially sledding with friends and given the chance you would stay out all evening if I’d let you. Video games also top your list of favorite things to do when you aren’t able to play out.

These days you list your favorite foods as nachos with hot sauce, pizza and hot chocolate with “cool cream” (cool whip). However, you are not to picky and will eat just about anything I make as long as it doesn’t “come from the sea”.

It seems like just yesterday I was bringing you home from the hospital as my grumpy little jaundiced orange baby boy and now here we are at 7 years old. It is so hard to believe this time has flown by so quickly.

Little Cooper, I pray that this year is another adventure filled year for you! That you will continue to live life to the fullest and love others deeply. You are an amazing little boy and I am blessed to be your mom.

I love you so much Scoop!



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2 responses to “Seven

  1. Kris

    I love you so much too! I miss you. Happy Birthday Buddy!

  2. Lizzy

    Awww – Happy Birthday!!!! I’ve loved having my 7-year-old… so fun to start being able to relate to each other better!!

    (Btw – my Grandpa’s nickname was Scoop – apparently he was a pretty nosy kid and always knew all the small town gossip – always knew the “scoop”)

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