Mail Call

Yep. I received a plant and some dirt in the mail!

From my Aunt Jacque.

It’s a spider plant, which is a natural air filter.

Our new apartment stinks.



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5 responses to “Mail Call

  1. Don’t forget it needs water.

  2. Tamara

    That is awesome! Who knew you could mail a plant! Sorry to hear that your apartment stinks – what does it stink like?? I’m thinking candles and some nice natural cleaners – maybe baking soda and some charcoal to absorb odors? Sending you a hug!

    • Tamara, it stinks like cigarette smoke. We are moving in the apartment next door to us this weekend. It was empty (and stank too!) so I talked Dave’s boss (it’s company housing) into letting me paint it and clean the carpets, so hopefully it will be better.
      I have been burning some candles, but I need to order more. I found some on ETSY that I really like. They are Soy based so they burn nice and clean and use essential oils for fragrance.

  3. Angie and David gave me a philodendron when I moved in. It does nothing for the air- but on the flip side, I haven’t been able to kill it yet. Sometimes, David even waters it. But I don’t think that you should wait to have Aunt Jacque come water yours.

  4. That is so awesome! I bet you never got such interesting mail before Alaska!

    email me your new address?

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