De Nile

That’s where I’ve been for that past month and a half.

Yep, De Nile.

Nope, not the river in Egypt.

Just pretending like it wasn’t happening, like somehow it would all go away.

Well, it didn’t.

So here we are again, in a new town/village.


That’s where we are on our Bush Alaska Tour these days.

If your keeping track, it’s stop number three.

First there was Kotzebue.

Then Dillingham.

Now Bethel. North of where we were, South of where we started and still in the middle of  NO WHERE!

I’ve gotta tell you, these moves are way harder than I thought they would be when we originally started out on this adventure.

Still, it’s a good thing. Or, shall I say, a God thing.

We trust everyday that He is in control.

We have been here a month. (Sorry if you are just now finding out, I was truly in denial!)

And are settling in.

So continues the adventure…….



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10 responses to “De Nile

  1. Hhhmmmm….then maybe you and I live in the same place. De Nile. Snort.

    Yep – it sucks. God is still there and here but yowzers, jerking up those roots gets harder and harder. Then trying to stick them down somewhere else….???? Egads.

    So – why are you moving so much? Need more workers who are willing to move around a ton? We need a job and frankly will move anywhere….

  2. Tamara

    Pictures please… thinking of you in your land of De Nile…

  3. De-Nile is a hard place to live. I have tried a time or two.

  4. I wish I lived at the Nile right now. It would be so warm and sunny-
    Wait, that’s not what you were talking about, was it?
    stay away from DeNile or de crocodiles will eat you.

  5. Amy

    Oh man. I’m sorry. It seems like you were happy in Dillingham, in your cool house with the crazy colors! How are the boys adjusting to all this moving around? Will be praying for you!

  6. Shelly

    Oh My Friend! De Nile is a yucky place to live, glad you bailed out of there!
    It is absolutely a God thing…only God could think up something so wacky and crazy to use for your good and His glory!
    Love you girl!

  7. How inventive! De Nile – yeah, I’ve been there; didn’t like it, so I came home. I know a LOT of people who still live there, though. Like most of my relatives. Even my husband. My best friend. The guy who bags my groceries at the grocery store. (He’s a permanent resident.)

    Shoot, I’m on the verge of visiting there again myself. Glad to hear you’ve moved on and are happy in your new home!

  8. ugh. i can’t imagine moving that many times in a row. what an adventure you and your family are living!

  9. Very glad to see you back posting…I know all about that De Nile region you live in, sorta nice while it lasts until you just have to face up to reality smacking ya one in the face, sigh. Here I was wondering if my guy might be qualified to do what your guys does (hey, you do get to go to amazing places) but then, I really don’t want to be moved around that much…one amazing place and get to stick there for at least a few years would be nice! Hang in there gal, God has it all planned out…who knows what He plans for you at this stop or who you have touched for life at one of the stops along the way!

  10. Meagan

    How did I miss this post? I saw all the others you posted after this, but somehow missed this one. I’ll be praying for you, sweet friend. Glad to hear you are settling in and know you are in the place God wants you to be. There’s no better place.

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