Danger Seeker



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6 responses to “Danger Seeker

  1. Trish – cool pics – love the slow-mo action- that water looks freezing and like its movin’ kind of fast! Brave kiddo! It was awesome to run into you at Children’s Place in the mall – what a treasure in the day! Loved getting a hug and stealing one from Ben-boy too – such a sweetie. I had several dreams since that meeting that Ben and my oldest daughter, Taylor, would one day marry (don’t tell!)… Taylor tells me that she is praying for “a man who loves the Lord and who loves nature” and “who has blue eyes and blonde hair” (yes, I have those conversations with my girls at their young ages of almost 8 and barely 5) – could it be? Haha! Oh, and her guinea pig is named “Ben”. Just sayin’…

  2. Awesome picture sequence! He’s a much braver person than me. Andsois his mommy to let him do it!

  3. Awesome pictures! Just came across your blog the other day when going thru some of my local Alaska blog, so in typical “stalker” fashion, I read up to date LOL… We just arrived here in AK back in May from Alabama (we did the whole sell everything and take the leap of faith thing too)..I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!

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