He’s off to Tanalian Bible Camp for 7 days.

Part of the adventure of going to camp in the Alaskan bush is getting there because you can’t drive from here to there.

MARC Alaska is one of the groups that flies the kids from the surrounding villages to Port Alsworth.

This group of kids were lucky enough to get to fly on this plane on loan to MARC by Samaritans Purse.

Praying for an amazing week for the entire group of 5th and 6th graders at Tanalian this week!



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6 responses to “camp

  1. Gramma has tears in her eyes, seeing this big boy get on a plane all by himself. Have fun darling!! Looking forward to July 26:)

  2. Wow, MARC looks like an awesome company!
    Hope Ben has fun. It’s a BIG adventure to fly to camp in bush AK!

  3. Oh how I loved camp…. I went by bus… plane looks MUCH more cool! I hope he has a great time!

  4. two days before you come down here?

  5. delores gaudet

    My old church use to support that camp! So cool! Did your man enjoy it?

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