Summer Reading

Here’s what’s in my stack so far:

Isn’t my Bible cute? I love it’s cheeriness.

I dug out The Way they Learn when I decided that I was going to be home schooling Benjamin this fall. It has given me great insight. Mostly about myself so far.

Soup and Summer of Monkeys are both read alouds with the boys.

My dear friend Vanessa sent me If you Lived Here I’d Know Your Name. It is a fun read about life in Haines Alaska. It is so similiar to life in both of the towns that we have lived in up here. I can really relate to it.

I have read The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo and The Red Tent already, but both are books that I enjoyed so I put them in the rotation.

I also just ordered this:

and I can’t wait to get it!

So, what’s in your stack?



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8 responses to “Summer Reading

  1. Shelly

    I Love The Red Tent! I read it every couple of years!
    I am reading Theodore Boone:Kid Lawyer by John Grisham.
    Dancing with my Father is in my stack too. 🙂
    50 things you can do to help your child’s special education
    The Out of Sync child
    So Long Insecurity
    Take Four
    That about rounds it out!

  2. Lee Ann

    Oh I NEED a stack! Seriously, need.more.reading.material! Thanks for some ideas!

    And I’m so excited you’re going to read Summer of the Monkeys. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did at their age.

  3. Probably more knitting books.

  4. Tracy

    I think I need a more varied stack like yours. lol Lately it’s Dr Suess (my little boys are really into those lately lol) or Debbie Macomber for me, but at least the 2nd is FOR ME. lol

    Enjoy the homeschooling! We’ve been doing that since my oldest was in 1st and will be starting high school this fall–yikes! One or more may go to school next year for speech because I had to drop the private therapy. Is Ben your older or younger one?

  5. I’d have to check my kindle for my summer stack. But I know for sure the last two weeks I read the following:
    Leah’s Choice (I love books about the Amish)
    All 4 Twilight Books (I was bored and traveled a lot)
    Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang (hilarious)
    and Moonstone

    I have on my this weeks list:
    The apothecary’s daughter
    and 29 gifts
    And more Amish Books if I can get more Kindle money!

  6. I loved The Red Tent! I have a ton of books I am reading right now…going to post them now!

  7. mep

    Your Bible is really cute!

    I’m definitely going to check out If You Lived Here, I’d Know Your Name — sounds like a book I would enjoy!

    Wishing you many moments to enjoy the books in your stack this summer!

    Thanks for participating in Field Trip Friday!

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