You don’t see this everyday

A dead baby beluga on the beach. He likely got caught in a salmon net. As you can see his skin and blubber were taken for Muktuk. As were some internal organs, although I wasn’t willing to get close enough to see which ones. Obviously it wasn’t the intestines.

Another interesting oddity seen on the beach today was that hole in the cliff. It’s a mass grave containing the skeletal remains of victims of the 1918 flu pandemic. The cliff has eroded away exposing the grave and the problems that exist with moving tribal burial grounds.


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One response to “You don’t see this everyday

  1. The joys of living in the bush!!!
    When they were putting in the light out by Arilington Heights, they found an old burial ground.
    What a mess, it took months and months to do whatever they had to do in order to continue with the project.
    Be sure you do not touch the whale!! Like I said on the phone, it would be breaking news down here.

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