I like….Lists

Got this one from my mom.

Feel free to play along!

I am…. loving living in Alaska
I think…. people should come visit us
I should…. go to bed earlier
I dream…. of going on a tropical vacation
I want…. to go salmon fishing this summer
I know…. my husband loves me
I don’t like…. bullies
I smell…. popcorn
I hear…. the one who loves me snoring
I fear…. putting my ten-year old on a bush plane to go to camp
I usually…. chat with my sister Kris everyday
I search…. for the good in people
I miss…. my family and friends in Washington
I always…. sit in the same spot on the couch
I regret…. leaving home when I was 17
I wonder…. why I can’t quit biting my nails
I crave…. authenticity
I remember…. to little of my childhood
I need…. a pedicure
I forget…. to trust God daily
I feel…. blessed
I can…. see results from running
I can’t…. wait for the next Glee episodes from Netflix
I am happy…. that we get to go to Washington this summer
I lose…. my patience with my kids to often
I sing…. out loud, a lot
I listen…. to the Mamma Mia soundtrack while I run
I shop…. online
I eat…. cereal at night
I love…. fiercely
I wish…. my vacuum cleaner worked



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6 responses to “I like….Lists

  1. I miss… YOU!
    I miss… Your hugs!
    I love… You!

    Must be a bit emotional this morning, your post gave me a lump in my throat. Love you, love your list. Missing you!

  2. I regret you leaving home at 17 too.

  3. Meagan

    OK, so I was here yesterday and I started to leave a comment and then didn’t. Then this morning I saw your nice little comment on my blog and I felt bad. I’m the worst commenter (because I rarely comment)! I really did love reading this list. It’s fun seeing little glimpses of you in your words. Glad to hear you are doing well. I’ll email you soon about the phonics stuff.

    Happy Summer!

  4. I’d fear letting my kid get on a bush plane too! YIKES! But sounds like you’re having a great adventure while you live there.

  5. Wow! Alaska! That’s sounds like an interesting and different life. What an adventure.

  6. Hey girl. loving your list. I remembered that you awhile ago mentioned thinking you might go gluten free…did you ever do it? I’m also twirling the thought around in my brain. I want to lose some weight, and dont’ want to think too hard about what to eat/not to eat. Foods with gluten tend to suck me in (ie, cookies and bread).

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