Bullet Points

  • I have once again survived strep throat. It was touch and go there for a day or two, but I pulled through…..Okay, that ‘s a bit dramatic, but c’mon people, strep throat sucks. Bad. or is that badly? either way, it is painful. I am super thankful to my friend Shelly (yes, I finally have a friend here!!) who delivered lemons and honey to my door to help soothe my throat with hot lemon tea!
  • This morning I was laying on the couch in our living room and I looked out our big picture window to see a bald eagle soaring in circles just above our trees. It was BEAUTIFUL. We have seen quite a few of them lately and they never cease to amaze me.
  • Today, when I was finally able to hold my head up without the assistance of super-strong mega-dose Ibuprofen, I wandered through the house picking up “schtuff”, I came across no less than three encyclopedias of Comic Super Heroes. Seriously, THREE, and they are huge books. All three are from the public library and are about different heroes. Is there really that many Super Heroes? I am pretty sure that the three males in this house would be perfectly content if their destiny in life was to BE Super Heroes. In spandex no less.
  • We had a very important milestone this weekend. It’s been one year since we left Washington for life in the  Alaskan Bush! One year. It’s hard to believe. We were going to have a little family celebration before our uninvited house guest, Mr. Strep, showed up this weekend. We’ll celebrate sometime soon. So, who had wagers on whether or not we’d make it?
  • Our long days have started here and the weather has been beautiful! We’ve had highs in the 30’s for the last ten days and lots of sunshine. With that sunshine comes something that I LOVE; Ben’s freckles. His face is covered with them and I think they are soooo cute! I’m gonna have to try to get a good picture of them for ya’all.
  • Speaking of Ben, he helped me make dinner tonight. It was one of those amazing parenting hours. Not that what I did was amazing, but the time was amazing. We had the Worship playlist playing on Itunes, he was picking his favorites, playing them over and over and singing along. We also had a great conversation about making good choices and not judging peers who are struggling to make good choices, but rather encouraging them. I love that kid and his heart for people.
  • Lest you think it was all roses at our house tonight, after that amazing hour we had a not so great hour that included Ben fighting us about his math homework and declaring that he didn’t need anything more than 4th grade math and that he was quitting math AND me yelling at both of the boys to pick up their trails of stuff (yes, including those super hero encyclopedias).
  • Finally, a Cooper funny…..yesterday, when the boys got home from school Cooper was extra chatty. Very extra chatty, yet I was still very wiped out. I listened for as long as I could (which was pretty long), then I said “okay Cooper, you gotta stop talking so much.” To which he replied “I know mom, my teacher tells me that everyday.”
  • The End (not really, I just wanted to add one more bullet point).


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5 responses to “Bullet Points

  1. LOL!!!! That 2nd to the last bullet point just made me chuckle. I told Essie one day (in a very nice way) that she does tend to talk a lot. She didn’t really say anything about it (shockingly)… then this weekend we were headed to the zoo, and her mouth was going a mile a minute. I just let her go and then all of a sudden she stops and says “WOw.. I DO talk a lot”… and then proceeded to just keep going :)!!!!!

    Gert popped some freckles on Saturday at the zoo – gosh I love them!!!

  2. Kris

    Where can I find a Super Hero encyclopedia? I need one! Glad your feeling better.

  3. Don’t yell, you will irritate your throat more or again and it will not heal.
    I knew you would make it, so I win.
    Did the “Happy Package” arrive?

  4. Delores Gaudet

    Strep does suck the big one! Has it really been a year. I miss you to the moon and back!

  5. LOL!! Cooper cracks me up. And I’m so sorry you had strep. Seriously, I have never felt sicker than when I had that. AWFUL stuff. Happy one year anniversary, crazy how time flies. (well for me anyway….:) )

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