To quote my sister Kris

She wrote “Ok, end the pity party and update your blog!” on my facebook page yesterday.

Alright then.

I’m over it. for now.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments on my last post.

A few things I know:

I have been blessed with amazing people in my life.

I will always have my friends, no matter where I am.

I am where I am because God has placed me here.

I can choose to be happy.

Vitamins really help.

So, on with life I go.

Now the random things of life.
Because I know that’s what you all come here looking for.

It’s spring break here.
We have snow. Lots of it.
There is likely close to four feet in our backyard and more on the way.
It’s spring break here.
I should take pictures of all the snow.

Ben had a friend sleep over last night.
It’s a friend that I have a very low tolerance for.
Last night I overheard Ben and his friend in a heated discussion.
It was a creation vs. evolution discussion.
Ben had his Bible out and was reading from Genesis.
He was rock solid.
I love that kid!

Tonight Cooper read a book to me.
Well, most of a book anyway.
It was Danny and the Dinosaur.
He did such a good job!
It’s hard to believe that just last fall he could barely recognize his letters.
I love that kid too!

Remember back here, I had decided to join a “read through the Bible in a year” group.
I quit.
It’s okay.
I am not legalistic so I have no guilt in letting this go.
Our church recently started a Beth Moore study and I really felt like that was where I needed to be right now.
I am also trying to get through the Love Dare.
The Love Dare is a 40 day challenge. It will take me much longer than that.
Those two things are important to me right now.
Some year I’ll read through the Bible.
Just not this year.

And that’s all she wrote tonight.



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6 responses to “To quote my sister Kris

  1. I don’t like wordpress. How do you follow? Do you have to put your e-mail and such everytime you visit?

  2. Did you sign up for blog trotting? I am going to be featured on Friday.

  3. Kat

    I have looked at making the change too…but I am so not tech savvy…but I am still looking. Blogger is so annoying…especially with pictures…and formatting…and fonts!

    (and I have gotten yelled at for not updating my blog, too šŸ™‚

  4. See, now, I don’t even remember how I did it, but I have it so my personal avatar shows up on my comments. Glad to see you.

  5. Hey, I’m reading Sarah Palin’s autobiography (Going Rogue) and it makes me think of you because of the Alaska connection! I like the book (so far) but it gets a little annoying when I hear her voice in my head as I’m reading. šŸ˜‰

  6. And that’s ok!
    And always remember to choose to be happy, it’s all about attitude!

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