Sunny Sunday (cold too!)



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5 responses to “Sunny Sunday (cold too!)

  1. Who did you go with? Looks fun if you are a snow bunny.I made the pie with some changes.Dad does not do cream soups any more so I cooked a potato cut into cubes (small) Took some left over potatoes that we had last night, mashed, added about a cup of cream and stirred it all together into a paste added the cubed potatoes, chicken, vegs, Kirkland no salt seasoning, thyme, stirred it all together, was to thick so stirred in milk to the right consistency. Tastes pretty good now, will let you know after it all bakes together.

  2. Looks like so much fun!!!

  3. Looks like a Sunday/Funday! We haven't had a big snow in many weeks now…I think your pictures are making me want some!

  4. HUH…what is that comment above mine????

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