I promised to be a better blogger

I’m struggling right now.
I’m in a funk.
I’m not exactly sure why.
I do know this though: I left a piece of my heart in Kotzebue.
I miss it there.


That in itself is just crazy.

Six months ago I could not imagine even living there, much less loving it there.
But it happened.
I fell in love.
So please, bear with me while I work my way out of this funk.

In the mean time, here’s Cathy havin a little to much fun with her dead caribou:

I guess we could say that this guy left his heart in Kotzebue too!



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10 responses to “I promised to be a better blogger

  1. Katidids

    Its hard with moves when you have become part of the community, & created a new "family" When you do it right, it hurts to leave that family. But, the great thing is you have family all over the place where you can always be welcome or welcome them. Its difficult not to compare the 2 locations. Find the joy in the new home & the boys will too. Keeping you in my prayers

  2. Elena

    Ahhhh…I'm sad and SHOCKED with how much you miss Kotzebue. It's never easy to move or make new friends. But you are doing better than I ever would. It's taken me a FULL 4 years to finally start enjoying where I live now. Hang int there, I'm sure you'll soon love this new place too.

  3. bringing up boys

    Because you believe that God initiated this grand adventure, you need to snap out of it and throw yourself heart and soul into where he has placed you this time. You never know where he will put you next, The way I see it, your new town is an alaskan adventure waiting to be explored! Put on the big girl boots and go explore! BTW, GROSS!

  4. Tamara

    Well, blogland is the place to be while you transition – the place where you can "let it all hang out" and just exhaust all of us with your authenticity… it was so fun watching you warm up to Alaska through your blog though it seems like you warmed up from the very first post… rely on Him and drink deeply… He won't let you down and you have a purpose today… looking forward to your more frequent blogs!

  5. Gramma 2 Many

    And I promise to be a better mother.

  6. David

    You are such a beautiful writer. Blessings to you and enjoy where you are. You are blessed!David – BIL

  7. Amy

    Caribou, huh? My bro in law recently shot a 700lb elk. I made a roast he gave me and BLECH! I couldn't eat it. But last night I mixed some ground elk in with ground beef and made a meatloaf. The elk flavor wasn't as strong.

  8. niccole w.

    I am absolutely positive that Kotzehoweveryouspellit misses you guys too. In your next post tell us what God has been teaching you lately. I know He has a reason for your Alaska life and I want to know how He has been moving.

  9. Tamara

    Okay better blogger – where are you… searching… searching… come out of the funk… step away from the funk… fly away… fly away… come back to blog land…

  10. Okay now i am really glad I am catching up with you because I need to understand why and when you left Kotzebue. But that will have to be after I vomit having to look at that raw meat. Blech.

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