I told you

Function trumps fashion:

Photos courtesy of Cathy



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15 responses to “I told you

  1. Gina

    I an totally cracking up about the kids going to VBS in parkas!And you look fabu! I woulda’ thought you’d be wearing elk skins by now…

  2. Elena

    LOLLLL!! So funny, but you do sport winter wear well! Cute pictures!

  3. Lee Ann

    Love it!I have a package all boxed up for you. Now I just have to get it to the post office. I hate the post office, so I’m just warning you…..it may be a while 🙂

  4. Ashley

    Girl – I bet you are all the fashion in Alaska!!! Haha! Love the kite flying in the snow… not sure I’ve ever seen that done before!

  5. Cathy

    What do you mean??? I think you look stylin’.

  6. Cathy

    You sport winter wear well??? Winter wear??? What they don’t realize is that’s summer wear.

  7. Gramma 2 Many

    Where……are your mittens? Need I make some of those too?Love the rubber boots. I have not seen you in those since break up days in Anchorage. I am sure you still have your stylin clothes on under all of that. Function just covers fashion.

  8. Kris Walther

    You still have the fashion thing happening – your boots match your jacket, which matches your pants!! Tres chic!! I also have a package for you, but need to get to the post office to actually get it out of Vancouver! I hope to get it out this week 🙂

  9. Meredith

    You look fantastic!!

  10. Homestay Mama

    Hey, I think you look fabulous!

  11. Dee

    You look pretty fashionable to me!

  12. annaliese

    I agree! you look great! but cold… lol!

  13. Julie

    trish, you are one hot momma! I love it.

  14. Lisa Storaci

    love the jacket!!!! glad it is getting good use!! :)miss you!

  15. The Hayes Zoo

    Oh honey…Function will ALWAYS and FOREVER trump fashion in these lives. Although you are color coordinated here…

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