Our Last Week in Washington (Part 8 of Our Arctic Adventure)

I was really hoping that our last week in Washington would be relaxing.
But, there was still so much to do.
We had moved out of our house and were spending our last week living with Dave’s mom and dad. Dave was working through Wednesday of that week and I was still busy trying to get the house ready to rent and shuttling the boys back and forth to school. We were also trying to sell both of our cars, but in desperate need of them still!
We had some interest from potential renters, but no commitment yet and I was starting to stress out. We really did not want to leave the house un-rented.
Still the week went well. Somehow we were able to get all the work at the house done by Thursday and that day we received a call from one of the potential renters; “she definitely wanted to rent our house and was in agreement to the terms of the lease. Could she come meet me on Friday to sign the lease?”
Whoa, this was a huge answer to prayer! Without going into details, we had asked for a somewhat extreme condition in our lease offer to her, and she agreed to it. Only God!
That week I was also blessed with the opportunity to hang out and say goodbye to my amazing friends. On Wednesday morning my friends from my son’s elementary school held a going away breakfast at a local restaurant. It was so much fun and I felt so blessed by each of the women there that I called friend:
Thursday afternoon I snuck away to meet my friends Vicki and Vanessa for lunch. We always have such a great time together and this was no different, except for the fact that there was a lot of tears. After lunch we decided that mid-day ice cream was in order, especially since we were celebrating Vicki’s b-day!

Friday was the day of goodbye’s. Both of the boys spent their last day at school and saying goodbye at the end of the day was tough.

Friday afternoon we went by our house to meet our renter. She showed up with cashiers check in hand, we did a walk through, signed the lease and handed her the keys. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to our home for the past five years, but we knew that we were stepping through a door that God had opened for us.
Friday night our very good friends, the Storacis‘, opened up their house for a going away gathering. Oh what a night that was. It was so amazing to see so many of the people who had been part of our lives for the past 15 years come through those doors.
We were blessed! It was definitely an emotional evening. Saying goodbye is never easy and around midnight, after everyone had left, we said goodbye and headed back to Dave’s parents for our last night in Washington.
That night brought very little sleep for me. I still had many suitcases to get packed and closed and before I knew it it was morning and we were headed to the airport for our 9:30 flight to Seattle and then onto Alaska for the beginning of our new adventure.
A sneak peek for LeeAnn:



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12 responses to “Our Last Week in Washington (Part 8 of Our Arctic Adventure)

  1. Kat

    I envy you and your ability to write a serialized story. Of course I hate you too :-)I am ready for more, more, more!And that picture. Oh wow.

  2. Meredith

    So happy to “SEE” you!!!! I miss you!!!

  3. Elena

    I can’t imagine the goodbyes…you’re a tough family!! LOVE that picutre, too cute!

  4. Ashley

    Wow! That sneak peak is intense.

  5. mer@lifeat7000feet

    I got a little teary at the part where your boys said good-bye at the end of their last day. That’s the worst part of moving to me…all the good-byes. Looks like you were well-loved there. I know those chicas miss you!!!

  6. Lee Ann

    Oh that sneak peak is fun….but I want more!!!! I know, I’m greedy like that.

  7. Finnskimo, its more than just a name...

    And do you have any photo’s of “treasures untold?” That’s what we call all the STUFF we find when the snow melts! 🙂 Today I found a caribou leg. Ick. Oh…and my shovel I’d been looking for since the storms.Waiting for the Alaska pics too! 🙂

  8. Homestay Mama

    To get everything, sold, packed and rented in record time–well, there is no other explanation than the simple fact that it was God.

  9. indigo

    I am a great beliver in life’s destiny. I have also learned that God takes care of them who take care of themselves. Did you do a criminal record check and a credit card check on your renter? If not, a grow op may be the least of your worries. Is there any way the renter can gain your identity? Name, DOB, SIN#, credit and banking information, etc., Here’s a thoufgh – they are in an ideal location to have new credit cards sent to them at YOUR home address. Been through this, it was NOT pleasant. I hope you are lickier.Did you put ectra insudrance on your home with your insuance broker for having a renter in it.? You can. Did you leave anything in the home you really care about? Don’t.

  10. indigo

    Sorry for all the typos, my computer seems to have a gremlin this morning.insurancethoughtluckier for lickierextra for ectraBest of luck with the move and your new adventure.

  11. niccolew

    Pictures, pictures, more pictures. My heart skipped to finally see you guys in your new home.

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