It’s Big

I’ve been absent again.

My brother-in-law David noticed. As a matter of fact he sent me this message on Facebook:

February 20 at 10:22pm

Hey Trish,

Do you have blog writer’s block. Haven’t seen anything new lately. Just making sure you are keeping your time between FB and your Blog world even!!


I haven’t replied yet so here it goes:

Hey David,

Yep, I’ve had writers block. Actually there is lots to blog about as you know, it’s just that the things that I have to blog about aren’t quite ready to be told to the whole entire world yet. You know what I mean? Soon though, very soon. God is opening doors as we speak. He has a plan and while it seems kind of wild and crazy to us, Dave and I know that it will be God’s perfect plan. So as soon as we are ready to reveal, I’ll have more to blog about. Until then, I’ll just blog about you. Oh and by the way David, this girl loves comments on her blog more than she loves messages on her facebook, so since you read it you might as well comment on it.



Here’s David.

He’s a great guy. He married my sister about 9 years ago. She had two little girls from a previous marriage that he took in and has loved and provided for as if they were his own. He whole-heartily stepped in to raise those girls. He and my sister have since had another little girl so he is now daddy to three girls!

Now, you may have caught on that there is something big going on here and let me just say that it is BIG. I can’t quite tell you what yet, but if you happen to have my phone number or e-mail and want to inquire that way, I will be more than happy to tell you what is going on. We are excited and scared but we know that God is in control. More to come soon!



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17 responses to “It’s Big

  1. Kat

    I wanna know!And don’t you love it when people email you to ask where you have been? It’s nice to be missed 🙂

  2. mer@lifeat7000feet

    My pre-coffee fog isn’t allowing my brain to process what is going on. You’re gonna have to spell it out for me. Pretty please?!? I

  3. Lula!

    This BETTER mean y’all are headed in my direction.The suspense is killing me.

  4. The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom

    Wow! Talk about cliff hanger. This sounds like baby news!God bless you whatever the news!p.s. sounds like you have a great extended family!

  5. Elena

    I WANNA know!! You’ve got my mind going a million different directions. From new baby to moving away. What could it be? Can’t wait for the reveal!!

  6. Lee Ann

    I HAVE missed you! And…..I’m going to email you right now! 🙂

  7. Tamara

    Oh do tell… for those without your number or e-mail, for those that still check your every post… we want to be included in this BIG news… post soon please!

  8. Dee

    Please cc me a copy of that email between you and Lee Ann.You’re killing me, you’re really killing me here! You big tease!:0)

  9. meleea

    can’t wait to hear when you are ready to share. praying for God’s leading for your household. love you guys! God is good!

  10. Amy

    I don’t have your email, but I’d love to know what’s going on with you! I will get it from Mere, I bet she has it, then you can fill me in. I’m super curious!

  11. David

    This is big for you I can tell. I am thankful for you and Dave in my life. I can’t believe you mentioned me in your blog!! I almost feel like a celebrity! I can’t wait to hear all the details!

  12. Gramma 2 Many

    Nanananananananananan I know!!

  13. David

    Oh yeah, just for an accurate record, your sister and I will be married 11 years on March 14th! 🙂

  14. Homestay Mama

    OK, Trish! You’ve piqued my curiosity! Having another baby? Adopting one? Or, maybe you sold your house? You’re moving up closer to home? Or moving farther away to another state? Opening up your own business? Guess I’ll call your Mom! Whatever it is, if you’re happy then I’m happy for you!Congrats to David for being your feature today! Nice pic!

  15. niccolew

    Just felt like rubbing it in. I know, I know, I know what BIG is neener, neener! And I’m thoroughly excited to see God’s whole plan revealed. So second gradish – I know.:)

  16. Julie

    email headed your way…

  17. Jennifer P.

    I find myself thinking of you often and praying that all is working out for your family. I was reading the story told by a man of his time as a 3 year old refugee during WW II. Now he is a successful airline pilot in Germany and has had a very happy, family-centered life. Yet, I couldn’t help but think about him being young–and even more about his mother—I bet that the thought that “life is always going to be like this” had to have passed their minds at least once!It is just so amazing what time and faith can do. Life goes through a definite cycle of up and down, and I know yours will turn upward so soon!Love to you!

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