Sometimes life is just strange.

Not one thing in particular today, just a few random things that I’d like to comment about:

First of all, I just Instant Messaged with my mother on Facebook. That seems weird to me. Of course I had to walk her through it all, but she caught on very quick. She is a smart one.

Today after MOM’s group (at church) my friend Andrea and I gave in to Cooper’s pleas for lunch out. He wanted to go to the “place with star chicken”. So Carls Junior it was. When we walked in, Andrea noticed a man sitting by himself near the door and he was muttering something. A few seconds later we are standing near the counter and this man has approached the counter and is still muttering, only much louder now, and it’s obscenities coming out of his mouth. I had to look a few times to see if he was on a bluetooth talking to someone, but no, he was still talking to himself. Andrea and I then proceeded to find a seat as far away as we could so as to not subject our kids to the profanity. Just as we got our kids all situated, this man moved from his seat near the door to a table directly across from us. We both had our backs turned to him but we continued to hear his outbursts of randomness that sounded like conversations with his other self. After a few minutes we decided that we did not like having our backs to him, so we adjusted our seats to be able to see him a little better, all the while still trying to protect our kids from hearing him. As soon as we turned our seats it was evident that this man was in a heated battle with the “demons” inside and it was turning into a physical battle because once he reached out to slap something or someone across from him and a few minutes later he stod up to choke the invisible being. It was at that moment that Andrea and I both decided that it was time to move ourselves and our small children out to the enclosed play structure. Fortunately this man did not follow us out there, but I did stand next to the door just in case I had to block it shut to keep him from coming in. I never once felt like we were at risk of being injured, but I sure did want to protect my kids from seeing his outbursts. It was very sad to witness his very obvious mental health issues. I do wish people did not have to struggle with that.

Ummm, Michael Phelps………can I just say: what the he!! were you thinking? Really. For me it’s not so much that you were smoking pot, although I don’t think that is right either, but why in the world would you take a hit from a bong in a place where any JOE SCHMOE could take a picture of you doing it? I mean, I really do not believe that you were in the presence of just your closest friends, who you could most likely trust not to take or sell such a picture. Buh-bye Kelloggs……..

And my final oddness for the day…………

The boys and I went to an open casting all today. Well, it was actaully the boys and I and about 1000 other 6 to 9 year old boys from the Portland surrounding area. Harrison Ford is producing a movie in the area (starring Brendan Fraser) and they need boys for some roles, specifically looking for a six year old and a nine year old. Well when Ben got wind of this he immediately declared himself just what they were looking for. So in a moment of insanity, I agreed to take him to the casting call. We got down there at 2:15, noticed the line wrapped around one block and halfway down the next, drove around for 15 minutes looking for s parking spot, then secured our spot in line and stood there. For 3.5 hours. Seriously. All for the very slim chance of being able to work with Indiana Jones.

It was a weird day today.



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11 responses to “Weird

  1. Gramma 2 Many

    I used to be, until it was decided that it violated their rights, that these people were hospitalized. It was so much better for them in so many ways. They received medication and had a warm place to sleep. It was not a case of shutting them away from society, it was a case of helping them.Good luck boys, if you are in the movie, gramma will see it for sure! It may be the beginning of a great career.I do not see anything wierd about IMing your mother. Of course Lizzie may agree with you, but I do not.

  2. Gina

    I thought it was kinda weird to find Mom on facebook, too. I also think that it is weird that she’s still up “with us”. Isn’t she old? Shouldn’t she be in bed?I’ll stay out of Carl’s JR from now on….

  3. mer@lifeat7000feet

    Weird indeed. The Carl’s Jr. story made me sad.Totally with you on Michael Phelps. Not one of his most judicial moments.Casting call? Very fun. Keep us posted.

  4. mer@lifeat7000feet

    Weird indeed. The Carl’s Jr. story made me sad.Totally with you on Michael Phelps. Not one of his most judicial moments.Casting call? Very fun. Keep us posted.

  5. Kori

    Very weird indeed. And I deal with psyche patients all day long cause I’m next door to the psyche hospital. And they get lost alot. Makes for an interesting day to say the least.

  6. BeeHappy

    Love the weird randoms today! I hope your boys get to do the movie! Regardless it was probably an interesting experience! I find it weird that moms are on facebook now too 🙂

  7. meleea

    sounds like a very strange day. that is awesome you took the boys to the casting call – i saw that on the news and thought that would be awesome to experience. hope the boys get a part!

  8. Lee Ann

    Wow! that is some weird stuff! And can I just say you’re a good mom! I’m pretty sure I would not stand there for 3.5 hours! Ya, I’m sure of that. Way to go!

  9. Ashley

    I can’t believe Michael Phelps either. His golden boy rep is definitely shot.

  10. Dee

    You are an amazing MOM! After all that oddities, I’m sure I would have just thown my arms in the air and headed home. I’m sure you will get another call return for a second casting.

  11. Julie

    way to go, trish, standing in line for the casting call. He will always remember that whether he gets a part or not!! definitely worth 3.5 hours!

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