**ETA** Thank you Sue and Julie for being smarter than me! They both were able to e-mail me my profile picture. So………..


Now stop licking me.

Earlier today I had lost all my web hosted pictures from my blog.

I was able to recover all of my blog design pictures but have not been able to find my profile picture. You know the one of me wearing the goggles. It has become my signature, my identity, who I am……………

what’s a girl to do?

For now I am a pile of tootsie pops.

Will you still love me?

PS. Please know that i do realize that this is not a CRISIS in the true sense of the word.



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13 responses to “CRISIS AVERTED

  1. Gina

    You’re making me hungry….

  2. Mara

    I HATE computer issues….I will love you no matter WHAT!

  3. Homestay Mama

    Check your e-mails, Trish. I just sent it.

  4. JourneytoFamily

    I got it off your Twitter account. Emailing it to you…

  5. mer@lifeat7000feet

    Of course I’ll still love you! I’ve gotta tell you, every time I see that picture of you, it makes me smile…it’s so creative and FUN!Thanks for your fun FB comment. I’m glad you liked the pp and I’m glad you’re loving meal stuff!

  6. Elena

    So strange, cause yesterday when I came here everything was x’s. I just thought it was my computer. I’m so sad. You have to find the goggles picture. It’s your identity at my house. “Trish, you know goggles Trish, said ya-da-ya-da.” How will I know who I’m talking about now? I guesss you’ll have to be lollipop Trish. 🙂

  7. Jennifer P.

    You’ve always been “Trish with goggles” to me too!–except that I will now call you Astrid….and lick you 🙂

  8. Hot Tub Lizzy

    I’ll always love you – even if you’re a pile of poopsie tops.

  9. ♥georgie♥

    stopping by from BATW to say and check out your blog….Glad the Crisis ended with you getting your goggle pic back;-)

  10. Elena

    So glad to see those goggles!

  11. annaliese

    good advice: never attempt to read just a portion of a blog. especially trish’s.’now stop licking me’ was all I read in my skimming moment.needless to say, I went back and found out what THAT was all about…

  12. Lula!

    Remember when Melissa (Stretch Marks) said you look like a serial killer with those googles on?Yeah, what she said. I love you.

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