we’re gonna have a little laugh here

At my husband. Well, actually we’re not laughing AT him we’re laughing WITH him. Normally I wouldn’t post anything at the expense of my husband, but this one is just too funny!
And besides he gave me permission.
(Now you may have read this over on my mom’s blog, but go ahead and laugh again and then leave a comment, cuz I dig em.)

As you know the boys and I hopped a train North last Monday to spend the week with my parents. The two and a half hour train ride was fantastic, I was able to enjoy all the scenery with my eyes closed while the boys chatted up the very friendly older lady that had the privilege of being seated next to us. And chat they did. About everything. About half way through the 2.5 hour trip she excused herself to go buy some coffee and came back with hot cocoa’s for both the boys. I think she was hoping it would keep their mouths busy for the rest of the ride! But I digress……

Dave had to work Monday and Tuesday so we planned that he would make the drive to my parents house on Wednesday, we would all be there to celebrate Christmas with my family on New Years Day and then would drive back home together, thus saving another unsuspecting Amtrak customer from my children’s perennial chatter.

Well, Wednesday rolls around and my mom, my sister and I have places to go and things to do, so I called Dave to let him know that the front door will be unlocked when he get there and we all head out to do our thing. Two hours later I get a call from him on my cell, and he says “let me talk to your mom please.” So I hand the phone over to my mom and within seconds she is laughing so hard that she about brings up a lung. And this is how that story goes:

See this house?

It’s my mom and dad’s.
They live in one of those cookie cutter neighborhoods where every third house looks alike from the outside. Dave can honestly tell you that isn’t necessarily true about the inside though.
You see Dave pulled up to this house that Wednesday afternoon:
He walked up to the front door, turned the door knob and walked in. He says his first thought was “wow, why are all these dirty diapers laying around on the floor? Usually Evy keeps a much cleaner house.” Then up the stairs he went to place his grocery sack of beer, homemade pickles, and smoked salmon in the fridge. After doing so, he looked around and though to himself “wow, they have made some changes around here.” Dave then proceeded to make himself comfortable at the table and read the paper for about 15 minutes before duty called. When he walked into the hall bathroom he was shocked at the filth and again thought to himself “Evy usually keeps her house much cleaner than this” and suddenly an odd feeling ran through his body. He walked back down the hall and opened the door of the Master bedroom where he was greeted with an unmade bed and a big screen TV mounted on the wall…………”hmmmm, the only TV Evy and Stan have has always been in the basement, and besides Evy makes the beds EVERY day.” So down the stairs he went to confirm his suspicion. He opened the door to the guest room that we usually sleep in and sure enough, it was not as he remembered. Instead of containing a beautifully made bed, the room was lined with junk and shotgun targets. At that moment Dave knew that twenty minutes earlier he had entered the wrong house! He slipped his shoes back on and beat feet out of there, hopping in his car and heading out of the neighborhood before someone else realized he didn’t belong in that house. He decided to head down to the nearby town where my dad’s office is to confirm that my parents had not actually moved in the year since he had been to visit. During the short drive to my dad’s office Dave remembered that he had put his bag of stuff in the refrigerator at the house that was not my parents! It was then that we received the phone call from him desperately wanting to talk to my mom. He wanted to know if she knew the neighbors and how they would take it when he went back to retrieve his beer, pickles and salmon and had to tell them why it was in their fridge!
Once it was determined what house Dave had mistaken as my parents, my mom said that she did not actually know the neighbors but would go over with him later to introduce herself and explain what had happened.
About an hour later we get another phone call from Dave saying that it would not be necessary to go over, that he had already gone over and gotten his stuff from the neighbors fridge. I said, “oh were they home?”. To which he replied, “No. I knocked on the door, opened it and hollered HELLO. When no one answered I ran up the stairs, got my stuff and ran back out of the house.”
The neighbors are none the wiser…………..
Dave is though.
He now knows that my parents live in the fifth house on the right, not the third!
Parent’s on the left, neighbor’s on the right


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84 responses to “we’re gonna have a little laugh here

  1. Kat

    That is too much. And those houses look the same. Including the wreath. And even the melting snow. I could totally see my husband doing the same thing.I am still giggling. With him…

  2. Amy

    That is hilarious!! Poor Dave! How much funnier would it have been if they had come home to find Dave sitting at their table reading the paper – or worse – actually “taking care of business”!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for the laugh and welcome home πŸ™‚

  3. Hot Tub Lizzy

    I read this on your mom’s blog but yep, it’s STILL so dang funny…He’s so lucky they didn’t come home!!

  4. Mama Kat

    Oh my gosh they are IDENTICAL!! I can’t believe that! And I can’t believe it hasn’t happened before!!I would have gotten the heebie jeebies for sure!Good stuff.

  5. cornnut32

    i would seriously be peeing my pants from laughing so hard if it were my husband.that is a story that will be told for generations, i’m sure.

  6. BeeHappy

    This blog is hilarious – thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  7. Gina


  8. Lee Ann

    oh my goodness! I started reading this about an hour ago. Then I had to stop becasue Sarah had to go to the bathroom. Then I realized it was time for me to go pick up Anna. I laughed all the way down the road and couldn’t wait to get home and see what happened. I can’t believe he just went back in! And really, they should change the paint or something. I’m still laughing. Dave, thanks for the good laughs!

  9. The Aldridge's

    Thank you for the good laugh!C

  10. Elena

    OH THAT IS GOOD!!! LOLLLLLL! So funny. Tell the hubby thanks for a great laugh today.

  11. Sarah

    That is too funny!! (And just the sort of scenario I can envision Chris getting himself into!) Hey – I guess if you don’t lock your doors when you leave, you just have to run the risk of a beer and pickle toting man dropping in to use your facilities! Thanks for the laugh!

  12. JourneytoFamily

    Oh, that is one of the funniest stories I have ever heard!!! I’m glad your hubby gave you permission to use it. And thank goodness those neighbors with the shotgun targets didn’t discover him when he was using the restroom!!!!

  13. The Aldridge's

    That is … SO … funny! Poor Dave. It must be rough being him sometimes.Give the big guy a hug from his friends in Illinois! (He needs it)PA

  14. annaliese

    this is so hilarious. I just drug my husband over to the computer to read this because I was laughing so hard πŸ™‚ thank you for this!!!!!

  15. Valerie

    I love it. I am going to tell that story again and again.

  16. theArthurClan

    I just popped over here from BATW and now I am laughing my freaking head off! I would have just died…that’s so funny! Thanks for the good laugh you’ve given me today. πŸ™‚

  17. Shannon

    OH MY GOODNESS! That is WAAAY tooo funny! I’m just imagining all the other scenarios that could’ve happened. What if they had been home when he first got there. What if someone had been asleep in the “guest bedroom”….the bathroom! Oh the possibilities of ways he could’ve ended up in a jail cell are endless…and hilarious to think about!

  18. Gramma 2 Many

    I thought of the jail angle too, but not Dave. Just cannot bring that image up.

  19. Julie

    OH My goodness!! I was sweating the whole time reading that he SAT DOWN AND READ THE PAPER FOR 15 minutes!! That is freakin awesome!!

  20. Julie

    ps. i thought you were going to say when he walked into the master bedroom that some people were in there having a little ‘fun’.

  21. Mara

    How did I not know that this happened…that’s what I get for neglecting all my friends blogs and being addicted to fb!

  22. Debbie

    I am in tears..I mean rolling-down- my-face-I-cannot-see through my eyes kind of tears…Oh my word…that is THE FUNNIEST post I have ever read. EVER….and you have written some funny ones…oh wow…I am wide away now and it is waaaayyy past my bed time.

  23. needlewings

    Oh that is too funny!!! I can relate though. I went to the post office and came out to get back into my car. I happened to notice that someone had stollen the package I had in the front seat! I was getting ready to start the car and relized that mine was the next one over. LOL So It really does happen!

  24. karin

    Coming from BATW! I read this last week and I was sitting on pins and needles. I thought for sure someone was going to catch him and charge him with break and enter the second time. This is simply too funny!!!! Thanks for sharing the story! All is well that ends well! What a memory!

  25. Mandi

    Oh my goodness, that is TOO FLIPPIN’ FUNNY!!!! Thank you for sharing, and thanks for your husband for giving you permission and being a good sport about it!!!

  26. Mom Taxi Julie

    Oh my gosh that’s nuts! I was visiting my friend once in a condo building and she lived on the 3rd floor. I went down to the car for something came back up and opened the door and instantly realized I was in the wrong place. I was on the 2ND floor lol. I laughed all the way up to the 3rd.

  27. Sharon (sk)

    Bahahahaha!! Oh… Oh… I am laughing so hard. I hope I don’t wake the kids… hahahaha!I can see how easily he could have done that… They look exactly the same!

  28. Vickie

    Coming from BATW. This was so funny! Your poor husband. I had a guy try to come in my house and yell threw the door to open the door. Then he said the girls next door name and I told him she is next door. He just left, not one sorry for scaring the turds out of me.

  29. Louise

    My Lord, things could have gone somuch differently if the owners had been home…think about those gun targets! Sorry, at 6am in the cold and the dark, one tends to look on the dark side! Great post! Here from BATW. Have a great day.

  30. Carla

    Okay this one is for the books. Seriously. I was laughing. And it’s late. And the house was dead quiet. And I think I woke somebody up now.

  31. Domestic Executive

    Oh what a hoot. Thanks for sharing this story – the mind boggles as to how your husband must have felt when he realised he was in the wrong place and then left his stuff behind!Happy BATW moment. JTwww.domestic-executive.com

  32. Julie

    I did read this on your mom’s blog and it made me laugh again!

  33. LadyFi

    Oh – that was hilarious! Poor husband once he realized what he had done…

  34. lynn

    Stopping by from BATW! That is just hilarious! I would have been mortified. He lucked out that no one was home. What are the chances he’d find the house left unlocked when they were gone? Guess I didn’t think people did that anymore.

  35. Creative Junkie

    Coming over from BATW!Can you imagine if someone had been home? Or walked in? Or if your husband walked in on someone?AACCK.

  36. Joy

    R – O – F – LI’ve done something similar – almost getting into a vehicle that wasn’t mine, but this takes the cake!Visiting from BATW

  37. Rebecca

    That was hilarious!! I cannot imagine the what he felt like the second it dawned on him that it wasn’t the right house! OH MY!


    Thats great! I needed a laugh!

  39. Lynnette Kraft

    My husband and I got a very good chuckle out of that this morning. Oh man, I can’t imagine how he must have felt – but he does seem like a brave fellow! ha ha ha!!!Thanks for the laugh this morning.Lynnette πŸ™‚


    How totally mortifying … AND hilarious!! A family story to be told again and again!!Hopping over from BATW…

  41. Jenners

    Just came over from BATW and was promised a laugh and boy did you deliver! This is just classic! I can’t even imagine him going through this … this is so hilarious and funny and mortifying! I loved it! Thank you!

  42. hellosweetworld

    OMG! That is embarrasing. Can you imagine if they came home? That would’ve been a sticky situation. They really shouldn’t make those houses look the same like that either. They’re too identical.

  43. Ashley

    Oh my goodness! This is incredible!! Can you imagine if they would’ve come home while he was ‘taking care of business’? That would’ve been hilarious! Or maybe not since they have shotgun shells in their guest room. Oh my! I’m glad the neighbors are none the wiser (unless they happen to read your blog and notice that their house is featured). Haha! Stopping by from BATW!

  44. Tamie

    its those darn wreaths on the front door! that was seriously soooooo very funny!

  45. Elizabeth

    This is hysterical, and the way you wrote about it made it even funnier!

  46. Penny

    Stopping by from BATW ~ To funny! I needed a good laugh!

  47. CaraBee

    That is absolutely hysterical! Can you imagine if the neighbors had come home?? And what were they doing leaving their front door open? So, so funny!

  48. Roblynn and Rebekah

    I needed a good laugh today, thanks for this it was great!

  49. Lady Dorothy

    Absolutely hilarious! And frightening! LOLGreetings from California and BATW!

  50. Vicki

    That is hilarious! I wonder what they thought when they saw their fridge items pushed around a little!

  51. jori-o

    That’s hysterical–and mortifying! Glad your hubby is able to laugh it off too! (But anyone could have made the mistake–the houses look SO alike!!!)

  52. Star Forbis

    Too funny. And I hope those neighbors, don’t stumble upon this post! lol I could see how it could happen though, with so many houses looking the same.

  53. Karabeth

    The poor man. Here we all are laughing at his mistake . . . and loving every minute of it! (Thanks to BATW for bringing us over.)

  54. Mary Huwaldt

    OMG . . . I shouldn’t laugh because it is totally something I would do!! Except it might take me longer to figure out! Very funny store!

  55. Lynda

    What a royal HOOT! (Thanks to BATW for directing us to this post!)

  56. Alicia @ Oh2122

    Nuh-UH!Holy cupcakes, this is the funniest thing I have ever heard! I wonder if they noticed someone had been in their house?

  57. Abigail Kraft

    Oh my goodness!!! That’s hilarious! Funniest story I’ve heard in a long time. hahaha! πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing…that totally made my day. ^_^Have a good week,–Abigail

  58. Gombojav Tribe

    How creepy would it be to come home and find beer, pickles and salmon in your fridge and you know you didn’t buy them! That’s a married people fight waiting to happen!!Thanks for the laugh today! HILARIOUS!

  59. L

    Oh my gosh…my cheeks hurt. Gut wrenching funny!

  60. Michelle

    Oh. Oh my. I can see why this was labeled the funniest post ever. Your poor husband, but ummm shame on him for not figuring it out earlier!

  61. Aubrey

    HYS-TER-ICAL! I can’t stop laughing. I swear, I had to look at the pix of the houses more than a few times. I can see why he was um, confused. LOL

  62. HeathahLee

    OH MY GOSH!!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!! That is so stinkin’ funny! I’m glad Debbie sent us over here!

  63. Sarah from NZ

    Dropping by from BATW and the promise of the funniest post ever had definitely been realized! What a story – kind of creepy too in a way! So relieved he wasn’t ‘discovered’ – how embarrassing would that have been! I’ve done a similar thing with cars – desperately tried to open a car that’s identical to mine in a car park – before engaging brain, peering inside, and realizing there are no children’s car seats in the bag or a ton of rubbish strewn over every possible surface!Thanks for the laugh! What a story!

  64. Tessa

    That was the end of my espresso as I spat it all over the computer screen! My tummy hurts and my jaw is aching, and I’m still giggling. Debbie warned us that your post was funny, but it was still one of those delightfully hysterical surprises that you hug with you all day long! Thanks for sharing the laughter!

  65. Tracy P.

    AaAAAccHHH! He went BACK!!! That is the funniest part of the whole thing–beer, pickles and salmon! Is he pregnant or something? Thanks for the belly laugh!

  66. Tina

    That is just hilarious!! I’ve been worried about doing that before myself, but can’t say i’ve ever gone so far as being in the house for 20 minutes before I noticed I was in the wrong house.

  67. Britt

    I don’t know if I commented the first time I read this .. probably not because it almost killed me. I had a massive asthma attack laughing so hard. But oh my goodness .. I love that he WENT BACK. Even after seeing the shot gun targets.And for what? Pickles, beer and salmon…..

  68. The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom

    Deb from This is the Life sent me for hilarity….she was so right.Your husband is a keeper….returning to the scene of the crime was the best part! Too funny! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your posts!

  69. Lisa Human: Human Touch Designs

    Funny story! I’m sure you guys will all be retelling that one for YEARS to come!

  70. Kathi

    Oh my gosh! That is the funniest story!!! Debbie was right. Your poor husband….he must’ve died when he realized!!! The houses really do look identical!Wouldn’t it be funny if the owners read about it in blog world???? Thanks for the laugh!

  71. Nana

    That was funny!!!!!!!Those kind of things only happen to me.

  72. EmmaP

    ok – i started off this morning getting ready to read this. I think I started the first sentence over like 3 times! then i gave up and figured I’d come back later! Boy am I glad I did. talk about pee-your-pants funny! I needed a tissue just to wipe my tears. Let’s just hope the neighbors don’t read your blog and see that their expose’ of dirty diapers in all over the world wide web! Thanks for sharing!

  73. Valerie

    That was hilarious! You definately had to share this funny story! I am amazed that they will never even know he was there. lolToo funny! Congrats on being featured at BATW today!

  74. Michelle

    You can’t make that stuff up! Funny! They even have the same wreath.

  75. Brenda Jean

    Oh my, he is NEVER going to live this down is he? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  76. Lula!

    Oh, Trish. I love your family. Forever and ever, amen.

  77. Kimba

    That is, without a doubt, the funniest thing I’ve ever read. I’m going to be cracking up for the rest of the day.Kimba

  78. Melissa Lester

    Oh, my! With all those shotgun targets on the wall, it’s probably good that they weren’t home when he stopped by! Too funny!

  79. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam

    oh Trish = all of us are loving your husband, and yes, laughing with him. The funny thing is that this same thing happened with my in laws house, BUT they knew after they entered with in a few seconds….hee hee

  80. Karen

    That is so funny. However, sort of the same thing happened to my daughter. My very good friend lived one block from the fairgrounds. I always parked in her yard and would stop in to say Hi and use her bathroom. Well the next year my daughter told me she went to the fairgrounds and parked at my friends house. She really had to go to the bathroom, knocked but no answer so she went in anyway. I told her, “Oh, no, Marge moved.”

  81. Betsy

    Oh silly husband!!! πŸ™‚ hehe This was hilarious!! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  82. Sally-Ann

    That was hilarious. I feel your husband’s pain however, my hubby and I have had a similar experience. I still turn red in the face at the thought of it!!!

  83. Vicki

    That’s to funny!!! I’ve never gone into the wrong house, but I almost got in the wrong car.

  84. Jennifer

    Wow! That is so funny!! I would have made the same mistake! So funny!

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