The whole neighborhood was turned on

This is one of our favorite Christmas movies:

And look what a house nearby has in their front window:




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16 responses to “The whole neighborhood was turned on

  1. Eryn

    my hubby would kill for one of those in our front window! He loves that movie!!

  2. Lula!

    Fra-GEE-lay!”It’s a MAJOR award.”We quote this movie often. Clearly.p.s. My brother has the leg lamp. Kid you not. And an entire “A Christmas Story”-themed Christmas village. He’s rather obsessed.

  3. Lee Ann

    That is too funny!

  4. cornnut32

    there was a house (okay, a MANSION) a few blocks away when i was a kid that had a leg lamp. the kicker was that it was their only decor visible to the outside! no lights on the house or in the yard. just that lamp in the front window. cracked me up. my dad had to drive past it a few hundred times a year.

  5. Elena

    My husband has that lamp set up in his office. I laugh every time I see one.

  6. Meredith

    That is stinkin’ hilarious!!

  7. JourneytoFamily

    That’s awesome! It’s one of our favorite movies too.

  8. Gina

    I guess maybe I should rent it. I hear it is really funny.

  9. meleea

    one of our favorites!! we just watched it last night. i love the lamp – so fun!!

  10. Gramma 2 Many

    Cannyn had to explain it to me this afternoon. I guess I have to rent the movie also.Too cute. Are you going to get D a leg lamp?

  11. Trish

    Mom, We have the movie…..want us to bring it next week?NO LEG LAMPS here!

  12. Vickie

    Stopping here from BATW. Read your post about Free Range Children. That was a great post. This is our favorite Christmas movie. We will be turning it on tomorrow and watch it a few times on TBS.Merry Christmas

  13. Vickie

    Stopping from BATW. Read your post about Free Range Children. Great post.We love this movie. We will be turning it on tomorrow and watching it a few times on TBS.Merry Christmas.

  14. Vickie

    Sorry for the double comment. Blogger made it look like I didn’t comment the first time.

  15. LadyFi

    Have never heard of this film – but the clip is hilarious!Here from BATW.

  16. Debbie

    My husband loves that movie! I haven’t seen it all the way through…for shame for shame…I know…Did you get one of those lamps for Christmas ? 😉

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