Talk about Publicity Stunts

I cannot believe I am going here because I usually avoid controversy.

I thought we were done with this, but apparantly not because it is in the news again. So here I go:

I’m sure you all heard the news last spring that Oprah (blech) heralded as miraculous? You know about the “pregnant man”?

Well apparantly “he” is pregnant again.

This is NOT miraculous because “he” is not a man. He is really a she. She was born female and grew up female and as an adult decided that she wanted to pursue living as a man instead.

She is a female, and the only miracle in all of this is that by God’s design women were made to have babies. That is miraculous.

The fact that a woman, who has decided to live her life as a man, is pregnant is not newsworthy. I am so tired of Oprah (blech again) and Barbara Walters (who has lost any credibility as a news anchor as far as I’m concerned) touting this as news.

The media needs to quit playing into these peoples incessant need for the limelight and send them back to their quiet little Bend subdivision.

Please let this go away!



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17 responses to “Talk about Publicity Stunts

  1. JourneytoFamily

    Yeah, I really don’t get this at all. It shouldn’t be any more surprising than a lesbian being pregnant through artificial insemination. Because “he” was born a woman and still has woman body parts on the inside. Just because “he” had his breasts removed, and took hormones to grow a beard doesn’t mean “he” should be on the news, right? RIGHT???!

  2. Hot Tub Lizzy

    I hear Ripley’s Believe it Or Not is looking for a new host – perhaps Baba Wawa would be interested…

  3. Amy

    Well said, Trish!

  4. Gina

    It would be a miracle if a man actually got pregnant- but if you have a vagina, cervix, uterus, and ovaries, and no penis, then you are a woman. End. Of. Story.

  5. Meredith

    What, a woman is pregnant??? You don’t say!!

  6. meleea

    i agree – enough already with insanity!

  7. Kat

    Oh, I so agree. I do not understand why this is news at all. But it does make you wonder if “he” really wants to live life as a man…

  8. Lee Ann

    Are they that short on “news” that they have to pull this one out of the woodwork? Because seriously! this is not news! Maybe I should write Oprah and tell her I have a vagina, overies, and a uterus and I got pregnant and see if she puts me on her show.

  9. annaliese

    as if life isn’t crazy and confusing enough to sort out–now these kiddos have this to deal with…my prayers go to them!

  10. Ronnica

    Thanks for posting this. These were my sentiments when I saw it on the “news” the other night!

  11. Gramma 2 Many

    Trish, you are sounding more and more like your mother. Better be careful.Kat, I agree if she wants to be a man…..

  12. Shannon

    ok, I didn’t see yours until after I posted mine! I’m with ya on this. It’s so ridiculous!

  13. cornnut32

    i watched that 20/20.didn’t really know a lot about it before i watched the interview. i agree with you. i hate they way they keep calling her a man.but i nearly laughed out loud when they told barbara she/he was preggers again. the look on her face was hilarious. i think they were expecting her to be all happy and congratulate them…then she didn’t. HA!

  14. Elena

    I tried to comment on this post the other day, but my internet was conspiring against me. Anywho, I said the exact same thing as you to my husband. WHY is this news? Lee Ann’s comment was HILARIOUS!! Although, the baby is adorable. Poor little thing to have to grow up with this weirdness.

  15. Meredith

    I left you something at my blog… come get it!

  16. Britt

    Oh, I’m glad you posted this! I wanted to .. but I’m not brave enough :o) Maybe someday?I agree with Kat .. really makes you wonder how badly she really does want to be a man.

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