Ten Weeks of Winners

It’s another giveaway…………..

From my friend Kat at Sunshine & Lemonade. She is doing TEN weekends of giveaways, and if the first one is an example of the rest of the prizes then you all best just stay away, because I want to win them all!!

If you must go visit her, be sure to TURN UP the volume because she plays great theme songs to each of her posts!!



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2 responses to “Ten Weeks of Winners

  1. Kat

    awww…I think that this is the first time someone has said to turn it up! I am glad you didn’t say put it on mute 🙂 Once I had someone comment on the theme song because they had it on mute and just didn’t understand!I am sooooo hoping that the rest of the prizes are not a major let down after the first one. I should have held on to this one a bit longer – but I suppose it’s a rather good launch…

  2. Hot Tub Lizzy

    I so want to win this one… good luck to you!!!

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