Dear Zac Efron,

Wow, did you have a great weekend or what? I heard your newest installment raked in over 40 million dollars this past weekend and that was just it’s opening weekend. Not bad for a movie marketed to the “tween” set. You know the 8-11 year olds that really do not have any money to their name, but instead spend daddy and mommy’s money to see you and your beautiful girlfriend sing and dance your way through your senior year.
I admit that I have not seen your latest movie yet. I’m still undecided about whether or not I will take my tween to see it. Now don’t get me wrong. I did see the first two. And honestly I really liked them. Well, the first one more than the second, but that is typically the way it goes. My kids loved them too. Especially the songs. There is nothing like driving your four year old to preschool with the soundtrack to HSM playing very loud and listening to him sing all the words to every song. That is marketing genius!
I do have one bone to pick with you though, little mister. And yes, I know you are actually in your twenties, an adult and everything. And while you may or may not choose to be a role model in real life, you chose to play one in the movies thus making you a person that lots…….errr, make that tons………..oh no, maybe millions of 8-11 year old children adore, probably most of whom are girls (along with lots of thirty-something women, but we won’t go there). Since you have so many adoring young fans, would you do them all, and me, a favor and spend a tad bit of your millions, it doesn’t have to be much, on a belt. Yes, I said buy a belt. You know one of those things that holds your pants up while you are walking arm in arm along the beach with your sweet girlfriend. That way the millions of YOUNG girls who adore you, never have to risk seeing a scene like this. What if your under garment accidentally slipped down that last 1/8 of a centimeter.

(photo courtesy of

Enough said.

Now please go on your merry way making sweet teeny bopper musicals.

Much love,

The mother of a tween whom I never hope to see with his pants slung that low



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20 responses to “Dear Zac Efron,

  1. Hot Tub Lizzy

    Pooh bear… he HAS a belt on…I SO badly want to go pull those things down… Really.. I don’t want to see that much of ANYONE in public….

  2. Meredith

    I was just going to say the same thing as Hot tub lizzy. He DOES have a belt one… does that make it even worse? Maybe he forgot that a belt is actually a tool to hold his pants up. Not just an accessory. I’m sure that he loved your letter. You’re cute!!

  3. Kat

    Look at that belt that he spent some of his zillions on. Along with a dresser. Who perfectly positioned that belt and pants right at the edge of his tighty whities brand name. But don’t you think he notices the breeze across his back side?

  4. Jennifer P.

    Well, I agree with Kat that that looks pretty darn purposeful! I also agree with you that that’s also just sick and wrong! THey’re always dressed like that in the Abercrombie ads to and it makes me want to vomit. Not sexy AT ALL!!!

  5. Gina

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. Thanks.

  6. JourneytoFamily

    Oh girl… he’s so young. Isn’t that almost illegal to post a picture like that? πŸ˜‰

  7. Dee

    Nasty, nasty! I wish someone in Hollywood could be a great, modest role model.

  8. Mara

    ewwwwwwwwwww, I bet from the back you could see a little crack YUCK! You know your pants are too low when you have to “groom” yourself to wear pants

  9. meleea

    yuck! that is just way too much for me! i am so disappointed with these “high school” students. thanks for the great post trish!

  10. Eryn

    whoa. It always amazes me how they use less clothes to sell more clothes at places like abercrombie, etc. I too, hope to never see your tween with his pants that low πŸ™‚

  11. Lula!

    TRISH!I nearly had a heart attack. And you know I’m sitting here thinking, “Vanessa is totally on him…”When did he become a man? Wait…I don’t mean that as it sounds. I just mean…well…he’s very manly-looking now, huh?I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead.

  12. Elena

    Woah….those are some low slung pants! How does one walk with pants that low?

  13. Gina

    I’m gnna answer two of the questions posted here- because I have done a study.The pants have a rise from the crotch to the waist band of exactly 3.2 cm. That is why he doesn’t have the crotch hanging between his knees- and also why he couldn’t pull them up even if he wanted to.You can’t see his butt crack from behind because Vanessa is using it as a mitt warmer. She’s got her man covered.I’ll stop looking now.

  14. Gramma 2 Many

    Funny thing, we prayed tonight at prayer meeting here in Africa for the “Movie Set” and their immoral way of living, dressing and the movies they are cranking out these days. When I look at your blog, this is what I see, confirmation that the prayer is very badly needed.Love you and miss you all.Mom

  15. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam

    I am totally cracking up at these comments…HOLY COW! He is definitely a man, and an almost naked one at that. 40 million at the box office? I haven’t watched the news….sheesh!

  16. Cairo Typ0

    I’m as open minded as the next girl but eevn i want to yank his pants up an inch or two! It can’t be comfortable to have your pants falling down like that all the time. LOLThanks for visiting for my BAtW day! πŸ™‚

  17. annaliese

    OH My goodness! I am in CA visiting the in-laws and they always read people magazine, so while I lay around the house (something I NEVER do at home because I feel too guilty!) I read trash mags–and the point of this rambling is–I just read the article that this pic was with!!!oh, yeah. and I think it’s gross, too.

  18. michelle

    goodness! i hope my daughter hasn’t seen this picture!you are such a fun blogger Trish. everytime I come to visit you make me smile. btw did you ever get your replacement clock?

  19. Debbie

    First let me say, I saw the movie and LOVED it…It is my favorite one so far….as for ZAc, I have to say, I have teensy weensy little crush on him…Now for that picture…whoa…that is a bit too much…cause you are right, 1/8 of centimeter and he is going full monty on us….

  20. mer@lifeat7000feet

    I am howling at these comments…especially the ones from your sister. Mitt warmer? Really? Oh my gosh…too funny.I hope Zac gets your letter. It really is digusting.

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