I worked the system last night

My beloved local Fred Meyer recently sent out some amazing coupons in celebration of their grand re-opening after completing a remodel.

So tonight, armed with my grocery list and coupons I embarked on a savings adventure.

After TWO hours (I was by myself, so I shopped leisurely) I had a cart full of groceries, and not just the basket portion, the bottom of the cart was packed tight too!

My total before coupons was $208.43.

After coupons?


Yeah Baby!



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12 responses to “I worked the system last night

  1. Kat

    Good for you! I am not allowed to do the grocery shopping. But I think that Michael has things down to a science. He says he does anyway. And how did I miss all those other posts? I think there is something screwy going on with my reader. It couldn’t possibly be operator error :-)What a great idea to make the bookini bread! I might have to do something like that this week for Madalyn’s teacher. Maybe pumpkin bread since I don’t have a ginormous zuchini.

  2. The Aldridge's

    I need to go shopping with you! You rock!!Way to stick it to the man!!PA

  3. Meredith

    Oooohh!! I loved Fred Meyer this weekend. They had some amazing deals!! Congrats on your savings!

  4. Elena

    Way to go! I have got to start being better about using coupons!

  5. Kris

    IT’s all a game. Nice play!

  6. JourneytoFamily

    WOW. You wanna do my grocery shopping for me?

  7. mer@lifeat7000feet

    That total is amazing…you go girl!I’m so behind on your blog. Google reader tells me I have 8 unread posts…which I hope to get to later today.Until then…HSM3 was AMAZING. GO! Your kids will love you.And about 100 pages to go in Twilight. I would love to have finished yesterday, but I took a nap and played on the computer instead. Today…for sure. DId you read it? Whatcha think?

  8. Mara

    And I thought I did good at Safeway last week….$187 before coupons and $98 after! Guess I missed out at FM!!!!

  9. Gramma 2 Many


  10. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam

    Yipee for you!! Free food to be had by ALL!! WHOO HOOO!! If you have any left, Kmart is doubling up to $2.

  11. Debbie

    WHAT!!! HOW!!!

  12. mer@lifeat7000feet

    You rock! That total is amazing! More than 50% savings, girl!

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