(because I make my own rules!!)
This one shall be titled “Goalie Practice in the Pacific Northwest”



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11 responses to “Wordless THURSDAY

  1. JourneytoFamily

    Oh man. I think you’re going to need more than Tide to get that out!!! LOL

  2. Hot Tub Lizzy

    Send it to that guy who shouts about his OxyClean – if he can get THAT clean, I’ll buy his stuff.

  3. Elena

    Ugghhhh….Good luck getting those clean again. But what kid doesn’t love a little mud? I’ll bet he had the time of his life.

  4. Meredith

    Did you have your Tide to Go pen with you? I’m sure that would have done the trick! Looks like you might be needing a little oxyclean… I remember playing soccer when I was little. I was in So. CA and it had rained. Our coach made us roll around in the mud before the game so that we wouldn’t be worried about getting muddy the whole time. I loved it!

  5. Betty

    That´s some serious dirt there! But they look happy, which is the best!Thanks for your visit to my place today!

  6. annaliese

    great pics :)…and yes, of course, you can link to me–as long as I can to you! 🙂

  7. Dee

    You can just SHOUT it out! Literally! hehehehe

  8. annette

    uh, how is the ball white and Ben very brown?!

  9. Melissa B.

    Greetings from Virginia, which, of course, is for Lovers, Politics & History! Thanks so much for dropping in for my BATW Day in the Sun…Love your blog & REALLY love this particular post! Please drop by to see me again sometime soon!

  10. Ronnica

    I’m so glad I don’t have to do your laundry! Though maybe there is something therapeutic in turning a muddy mess into clean laundry again?

  11. mer@lifeat7000feet

    I hope you use Tide. Or perhaps some bleach!

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