A friend recently gave me a couple of zuchinni and for some reason Cooper took an instant liking to this one.

(Yikes that kid needs a haircut!)

Today we turned his big zucchini friend into something delicious:
(Yikes that is a big knife right there next to that 4 year old!)

Cooper called it Bookini Bread.

So BOO-kini bread it is. All ready to be delivered to his teachers tomorrow and an extra set for Ben’s teacher.



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12 responses to “BOO-kini

  1. JourneytoFamily

    THAT looks delicious. I probably shouldn’t have read this post while I was hungry.

  2. Therese

    YUM! Wish I was his teacher!

  3. Hot Tub Lizzy

    Lordy I love me some Boo-kini bread…. fiddle.. my mouth is watering.

  4. Julie

    what a cute idea. I love the ribbon

  5. Meredith

    You want to know something funny? When I saw the title I instantly thought you were talking about a swimsuit… you know, a bikini. I was picturing a “bookini” to be a bikini with Jack-o-lantern top and orange bottom. So glad you were talking about bookini bread instead. A pumpkin bikini would just be outright disturbing.

  6. Lee Ann

    I too want some bookini bread….and I want that pan! I’ve never seen one like that.

  7. Elena

    Yummmm! I need some bookini bread over here. I didn’t grow any in my garden this year and when I went to buy some they were $1.50 a piece for SMALL ones. I just couldn’t do it. I keep hoping a neighbor will give me some. 🙂

  8. meleea

    super cute idea!! love the ribbon – i am sure the teachers were very blessed.

  9. annaliese

    great idea! they looked beautiful all wrapped like that.meredith’s comment just cracked me up 🙂

  10. Dee

    I think Cooper’s Sunday School teachers should get that yummy bread with a cube of butter, please. Adorable ribbon, I could all most eat it.

  11. Eryn

    I thought the exact same thing as meredith… I was thinking it must be Trish’s holloween costume!

  12. mer@lifeat7000feet

    Where did you get that mini loaf pan? That is super cool! And I love the candy corn ribbon. YUM!

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