Entertainment News that SHOULD be on the front page

I don’t really care who came out of the closet yesterday.

This on the other hand is worthy of the cover of every magazine at the registers.

But you’ll never see it there.

And since it was on the last hour of the Today show it was probably missed by many.

However, I believe this is newsworthy.

Since I know that some of you will not (or cannot) watch the video I’ll tell you about it.

It’s my heartthrob Kirk Cameron.

Declaring that he will never kiss anyone other than his wife.

Not even in the name of acting.

I guess I’m okay with that.

He’s also promoting his new movie Fireproof.

Which I believe every couple in America should buy tickets to and go see.

Our nation would be changed.



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13 responses to “Entertainment News that SHOULD be on the front page

  1. Mara

    I really want to watch this movie…I think we should all watch it in the theater so it gets good box office numbers and they’ll make more family movies!

  2. Gramma 2 Many

    What a man of true integrity. Wow.I never go to the movies, but if you want to come up and take me I will go. Maybe even dad would.

  3. JourneytoFamily

    What a cool movie! And I have to admire him for his commitment to only kiss his wife. Maybe more Hollywood marriages would last if other actors made the same commitment.

  4. Hot Tub Lizzy

    This morning we went through Chick-Fil-A *bad mommy* and in the bag was an add for that movie… have to check that out…And yeah for Kirk…

  5. Lula!

    My church is promoting the heck out of some Fireproof. We are way excited. And prepared to cry during it, too. And hold hands. And make out in the movie theater. We’re just that way.I adore Kirk…and Chelsea…and their ginormous family of kids. Did you know his sister, Candace, is a Christian, too? It makes me very happy. VERY.

  6. Gina

    Yeah, I loved him too- even more so now that he has taken a public stand and promised never to kiss me…I think we should all stand behind this movie- any movie that is moral and clean. We need to make a statement to Hollyweird about what we want to be seeing.

  7. Elena

    A great stand up guy. I love that!

  8. meleea

    sounds like a cool story! what a great guy! i am glad you posted the interview – i missed it.

  9. Eryn

    I heard from a little bird that you’re gonna come to MOM’s and I’m SOOOOO HAPPY!! I love you and can’t wait to see you there!!

  10. Kris

    Going Tomorrow, Outback & Fireproof. (I have giftcards for both!)

  11. Kat

    Our church is doing a date night for this movie. The youth is serving a catered dinner and then we are going to see it. I have a friend with the t-shirt “I love my marriage” – but what worries me is that it was not released to the press. Which makes me worry that the movie won’t be that good. I hope I am concerned for no reason 🙂

  12. Debbie

    I keep hearing about this movie and now I know why…I think my husband and I need to go on a date and see this…Oh who am I kidding. Se won’t get to see it until it comes out on Netflix…which means we will get to see it around Halloween since anything decent, pure and moral never does well at the box office and goes right to DVD. Sigh.

  13. Kris

    Good movie. Go see.

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