My sister Kris made cry today

Usually about this time of the month I call her bawling about some drama in my life, but today she made me cry without even talking to her.

In celebration.

Nearly six years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She has been in remission now for five years.

Please click on over to her blog to read about what she learned from cancer.

If your life has been touched in any way by cancer, leave her a comment letting her know what you’ve learned.

If not, then leave her a comment anyway.

Let’s help her celebrate five years of remission.

Now go flood her comment box with LOVE.

By the way Kris, YMF!



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13 responses to “My sister Kris made cry today

  1. Kris

    Actually, I made you cry 2 days in a row! This is almost as good as when we were kids!I’m really glad we are so different. If we were the same, more often than not I would not like you!I love you too lil sis! YMF

  2. meleea

    thanks for sharing that trish – such great lessons. so glad you and your sister are such good friends – what a great treasure! you are lucky to have sisters!!

  3. Lee Ann

    Can’t believe it’s been that long. I remember when she was diagnosed and all the prayers we prayed for her. (I even started a chemo cap for her but never finished it….so glad she doesn’t need it now)God is good in all circumstances.

  4. Dee

    Praise God for her remission! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Dee

    Praise God for her remission! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Meredith

    Thanks for posting the link Trish. As I wrote on your sister’s blog, I get so encouraged hearing others’ stories. Thanks also for your postings on mine!! We should go find a lake together sometime. I went to Merwin when I just had Caden but haven’t been back since… apprently been too busy having babies! I love lake swimming too. There’s just something about that wonderful cold and clean (I like to think) water. Love you too!

  7. Lula!

    I hate cancer. I love Kris. Praise GOD!!!!And Trish…you did NOT out Kris as your favorite sister. Yeah, I caught on to that. You meanie. I’m telling Gina! 🙂

  8. Kathi

    Wow! Congratulations to Kris!! What an awesome story.

  9. Hot Tub Lizzy

    That’s so sweet… I’m gonna go check her out.p.s. – I’m glad to see you’re still blogging despite the whole parental mornin’ lovin’ thing.p.p.s. – Keep coming back to the presidential blog -you’ll find out what I think.

  10. Debbie

    Hi Trish…I will go check her out in the morning…oh wait, it is the morning…just I haven’t been to bed…so I’ll catch up later…oh and I had to stop reading the post below because you were talking about Edward and Bella and I didn’t want know anymore. xoxooxooxo

  11. the sits girls

    We’re so glad your sister has been in remission for five years now. She’s probably been through hell and back. Cancer is horrible when it rears its ugly head, but it also shows you who matters most in your life and who you can count on. Hugs to you and your sister.

  12. Gramma 2 Many

    I know you told me you do not want awards, but I named you any way. I really mean it too.

  13. Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca

    what a great family!

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