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Hello to all who have made it here by way of Blog Around the World.

Isn’t this fun?

I have had a great time visiting the states as Miss Debbie, the genius, features them and now it’s my turn!

So welcome, come on in, take a look around, sit for a spell and enjoy because

it’s my crazy life……… and I LOVE it

It’s just about back to school time here. Our school district heads back to class the Wednesday after Labor Day. We don’t know who Ben’s teacher will be yet. That top secret info is not released until the “Back to School, PTA Sponsored, Ice Cream Social” (seriously, that’s what it is called) on Tuesday the 2nd.

I’m not sure why they call it an “Ice Cream Social”. It should be called the “Suck your Bank Account Dry Social” or the “Super Secret Teacher List Launch Social” or the “Preview of Every Ones Ultra Cool New School Clothes Social”.

I mean really, here’s how it goes: You walk in the front doors of the school, flanked by your darling little student all decked out in their new jeans, layered shirts, hoodie and tennis shoes even though it is 85 degrees out, only to be greeted by tables upon tables of lovely PTA volunteers waiting with open hand to accept your checks. You deposit money into your child’s hot lunch account, then you pay your PTA membership fees, kindergarten snack fees, art enrichment fees, fundraiser fees, PE fees, library fees, band-aid usage fees, and the all important, but slowly fading away as more elementary students come equipped with their own cell phone, phone usage fee(for when your child needs to call home because his hot lunch account has been drained dry and he forgot to tell you).

After you’ve been bled of your very last check you then make your way to “THE WALL OF CLASS LISTS”. Yeah baby, this is where life begins or ends for most students. Did they or didn’t they get the IT teacher? As we all know, there is only one IT teacher allowed for each grade level. You know the IT teacher, the one that everyone wants, but no one can actually request since our district does not allow teacher requests, but somehow certain, more influential families are able to get for each of their kids? The IT teacher is warm and fuzzy, super organized, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound all the while keeping 26 students engaged and interested in learning throughout the whole year. The other teachers? Well they must just biding their time until their retirement number comes up or something. So you push your way through the throng of parents and students (some weeping uncontrollably, others rejoicing as if the heavens were raining money) to THE LISTS. You’re scanning, you’re scanning, you’re scanning until there it is…………your students name……….nope, not under the “IT” teacher. Oh well, they’ll live. Besides my kid is going to speed up the retirement process so that we can get a new IT teacher in here next year anyhow.

Then it’s off to meet the teacher and see the classroom. You stand in the line to greet the teacher, who on first glance, doesn’t look that unorganized or close to retirement age at all. When it is finally your turn, you shake hands and introduce your child, who is putting on quite the shy act beside you. The teacher sends your kid to pick out their desk and write their name card while you chat it up a bit, both trying to get an impression of what the year is going to hold. Meanwhile your student has picked out his desk, based on the names on the desks next to it, hoping that Katy is the cute Katy, not the Katy that picks her nose and eats it.

Finally you’re done, and headed towards the door, when your child reminds you that there is ice cream still. That’s why it’s called the Back to School, PTA Sponsored, Ice Cream Social. And since the PTA does provide those little dixie cups of ice cream with the wooden spoons they can call it whatever they want.



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63 responses to “Blog around the World

  1. Gina

    WooHoo! Fame is cool!

  2. JourneytoFamily

    Band-aid usage fees??? The whole thing sound exhausting!!! At least you got free ice cream! 🙂

  3. Gramma 2 Many

    Yes I do love you, that was one of my favorite pictures. Didn’t you love those big dark heavy frames on your glasses? You were styling. If it had not been for me, you would not have the style sense you have today. OK, OK, I know you went the opposite, but look at how cool you are today. You even have sisters asking you to dress them. Or sisters who won’t even buy something without your approval. So you see, I did you a favor.

  4. Laurie from My Garden To Yours

    LOL. I remember those days. Many “fond” memories.

  5. Mekhismom

    All of those fees – a phone usage fee? Give me a break. And I can’t believe that they don’t tell you yuor child’s teachers name. Is this what I have to look forward to?

  6. Dawn

    Very cute post! I think calling it an Ice Cream Social is pretty smart to keep you from realizing you are really just shelling out all of your money! I hope your son gets the IT teacher!!!

  7. Debbie

    Oh my word…we got a letter in the mail last Saturday telling us who the kids teachers are. None of that nonsense with wall lists. Sheesh. A computer generated list and a stamp works much better. But the story is still funny…And “Katy” needs a bottle of purell on her desk ;)Enjoy your day!

  8. Nonna

    cute post! lol and congrats on being the featured blogger today!

  9. Hot Tub Lizzy

    Happy BAtW Day!!!I have to laugh, because I was going to post something very similar today… i think I still will, just because I wanna be like YOU!!!

  10. Lauren W

    Oh dear… that sounds stressful. Maybe that’s why my niece decided that she was going to be a kindergarten drop-out. She must not have gotten the IT teacher… and maybe it was nose-picking Katy.:)

  11. Caroline

    I came for the ice cream. Did I miss it? That’s crazy that the PTA makes you pay all those things. It seems so complicated these days. Geez. Happy BATW day!

  12. Amy

    Visiting you for the first time via BATW! I love your blog and your wit and humor. I will be back to visit you again. 😀

  13. oº˚ Anissa ˚ºo

    Stopping in from Louisiana — Thanks for sharing Love the colors on your blog.

  14. Lynda

    Congrats on being a BATW feature. School sure does bleed you dry, doesn’t it… and it gets worse as they get older, too!

  15. Veggie Mom

    Thanks for the tour–isn’t Blogging Around the World fun? And I’m ALWAYS up for ice cream!

  16. Shannon

    I’m here from BATW… yay to being featured :)”Suck your Bank Account Dry Social”… LOL!

  17. Caution Flag

    Did you know I am living your double life here in Michigan? This post is SO us 🙂 We have wall lists, too, but they are put up after the office closes on the day before school. They think that way no parents will call to complain!

  18. Trenches of Mommyhood

    Hilarious…yet soooo true!

  19. Karen

    That’s so funny !!! Congratulations on being part of the Featured State!!!No Wall Lists at this school … the parents call in and they tell you who their teacher is. No icecream social either, not even sure if there is a very active PTA group. I seem to be the only really active volunteer, so the teachers sometimes fight over me..Sad, really…

  20. Julie

    wow, I live in Hungary and my son is just starting preschool and I realized he gets breakfast and lunch there and it will cost us roughly $75 a month, and then we have to add on about $25 for craft supplies and other things… and I thought that was a lot… but I haven’t had to raise kids in America, and from what you say it must be more expensive there. Wow…

  21. Ronnica

    Love the blog. I think I like everything better in pink. This post brought back vague memories of what it was like to be a kid and calling around to all your friends to figure out who was in your class!

  22. Tamie

    sigh…all that jazz just for school. crazy! especially since public schools were started so that they were FREE…so that those with no money could get an education…where has that all gone to? (this is a big soap box for me!) you created a very visual post…and one that lots of us can relate to. thanks!

  23. sassy stephanie

    Man, wish we had ice cream at ours last week. Would have made it more fun for ME!!

  24. Laura

    Hi! Coming ’round from the Blog Around the World…nice to meet you!

  25. Frizzy and Bird

    You really are funny! My BIL and SIL are teachers is Sequim. They feel the same way as you about the special treatment of some students with influential parents. GRRR! Keep us posted on how things go after you learn your child’s fate at the IceCream Social. 😉

  26. Meredith

    I love you!!! Thanks for the laugh this morning… thankfully Caden’s teacher assignment came in the mail. Cole, however, does not get his schedule until after the morning assembly on the first day. I’m sorry, but really? I don’t think I’d want to go to my first day of 7th grade with NO idea of what my schedule is going to be. Seems a bit crazy!

  27. Kathi

    HILARIOUS!! You are sooo right about the IT teacher….only one per grade….I think it’s a law or something. :)When we lived in Seattle our Elem school had a back to school night/ice cream social too! Here in MD we get our teacher’s names mailed to us. Then all of us Moms spend an entire afternoon on the phone talking to everyone we know to find out who is in who’s class. We have an open house a week before school starts with a full blown picnic afterwards!

  28. New Girl on Post

    That’s a crazy amount of fees! I had no idea how different schools are these days!

  29. Tara

    Too funny! I’m so glad to see you as one of the featured bloggers today! Congrats on your blogiversary as well!!

  30. Lula!

    Famous…you are famous.But where was the Twilight love? Come on girl–spread it around. Have you started New Moon?????????? You know I’m gonna bug you ’til we discuss this like proper adults.

  31. Melissa Lester

    We are already a week and a half into school, with sniffles and soar throats to prove it! We can request teachers in our elementary school, and I had my heart set on a dear friend teaching my son in first grade. We didn’t get her, and I think I will have to fight back tears each time I see her until at least Christmas! But he still got a great teacher, and we are having a great year even if he didn’t get the “It” teacher. Hope you’re in for a great year too! And congrats on BATW!

  32. CaraBee

    Oh my goodness, that is too funny! Some of my favorite teachers wound up being the ones that weren’t the IT teacher, so I doubt they’ll be too traumatized. Great post! Happy BATW day!

  33. Leslie

    That’s way too many fees! lol~ To tell the truth, I’m actually looking forward to my little one starting school. He’s going to be 5 in 2010. OMG. That seems so far off. But really. loved the post! Enjoyed it! Cheers from Santiago, Chile!

  34. Kat

    We have list on the wall too. But they are posted the week before registration day…at 4pm…after everyone has left the building so that you have an entire weekend to contemplate your murderous rampage – or soothe your child’s disappointed heart…

  35. Sharon (sk)

    I haven’t had this experience with my own kids (they are homeschooled) but I remember it all too well from my own childhood. HAHA!! yeah… the IT teacher… I never got her either.

  36. EmmaP

    Ok – this is soooo funny. And I must confess, that I was soooo tired of the PTA (no offense to any PTA proselyters) that this year I decided NOT TO JOIN!!! My taxes pay a lot for their school! PLUS – I BUY HALF THE CRAP FROM THEIR WRAPPING PAPER ANF COOKIE DOUGH FUND RAISERS anyway. So – who are we kidding??? I am really a part of it whether I wanna be or not. I guess I did it more just to be rebellious!!! Well – congrats on being a FB on BATW….. Hopefully we’ll see you again soon – off to visit the rest of the fam!

  37. HeathahLee

    Yeah, I never got the IT teacher either…I guess since I homeschool my kiddo that I get to be her! Woo Hoo! : )

  38. Shell

    I don’t have any little ones yet. That would make my head swim with all those fees!! I guess a mom’s job is never done.

  39. Elena

    Why is there only ONE IT teacher? So unfair. I love how you worded this. Too funny. Luckily we get our teacher assignments for the next year on the last day of school with the report card. No back to school social for us. AND, I had NO idea you were Gina-with-the-cute-baby-foot-picture’s sister. The things you learn from blog land.

  40. ~~tonya~~

    Stopping in from BATW–cute blog–love the story!! Hope he gets the IT teacher and has a wonderful start to the school year. TFS

  41. meleea

    that is a great post!! sounds like our experience at a local private school but now that we are in the bg school district there is no money for ice cream socials!! you are hilarious!

  42. Mrs_X

    Geez! How cheap is the PTA? Dixie cups? They couldn’t at least spring for cones? I think you should promptly form a committee and start collecting fees for next year’s “Back to school, PTA sponsored, ice cream CONE social”

  43. lynn

    Happy BATW day! I got to skip all the crazyness this year being out of town on registration day. I do get to go back tomorrow for open house where they find their seat and meet their teacher. I see it was your blogiversary yesterday. Congrats!!

  44. Janet

    I LOVE YOUR POST! I am a school teacher (7th grade) and one of my teacher friends is over for our afternoon gripe session – I just read your blog out loud to her. It is so funny because it is 100% correct! I’ll be back.

  45. Jennifer

    Oi, my kids aren’t old enough yet to go to school. I can’t wait for the excitment and craziness of it all. Especially waiting to see if they’ll even like it. Thanks for having us over. Good luck this school year!

  46. Gombojav Tribe

    My head is spinning! TGIH! (Thank God I’m Homeschooling!)Thanks for the look into your life!Daja, visiting from Blog Around The

  47. Tracy P.

    Our school posted the class lists at 7:00 this morning. We avoided the rush and went around 10:00. School starts next Tuesday, so pretty good advance warning. Open House tomorrow–not quite the dog and pony show yours is, sounds like.Fun to see you girls in WA today!

  48. Jen

    What a great trip over here. Have a great day!

  49. Valerie

    wow. I KNEW there was a reason I homeschooled. Thanks for giving me a really good reason. I can now shuttle people to your blog for my reasons and showcase your great writing ability at the same time. Very funny.

  50. Debbie

    Came over to check out the party…it’s a tad crowded in here…

  51. Kelly

    Oh my God, I love you!!! I thought I was a misfit parent thinking this way about back to school activities!!So, So, true!!

  52. Aubrey

    Colorado stopping by! It’s my first time here and I love it. Mind if I stay for awhile??? Would it help if there were shots of tequila at each table that you could take right before writing a check? Or after, your choice. Just wondering.

  53. Domestic Executive

    Love the blog, happy blogannivesary – a milestone to be celebrated.Julie (aka

  54. Lee Ann

    53 comments!!! You’re famous!Very funny post! I am so not ready for school if this is what it means. I will lose my mind!

  55. Lady Dorothy

    Stopping by from California on my BATW. I’m sitting home alone right now and I would love a little dixie cup of ice cream! But, I don’t think I want to pay the price!Fun post!

  56. Jennifer P.

    Trish my dear–you can always make me laugh! This was perfect! May I just say that in the 3 weeks my sons have been in school, I have paid $40 in hot lunches, $40 in “field trip fees”, $10 to join the PTA, $42.50 for a math-a-thon, and now they want me to buy these stupid coupon books for $20 a piece. That, right there, is more than I have EVER spent homeschooling for a whole year! Love that public school! It’s not like I pay taxes or anything….Hope you have a great school year and (had) a great BATW day :)!

  57. Becky Welch

    I didn’t get to visit yesterday, but you hit the nail on the head!! I loved it!!! Thanks for letting us visit!

  58. Hot Tub Lizzy

    Hopefully this doesn’t get lost in the mire of your comment lovin!!!I left you a little something on my blog. Don’t feel obligated to do anything with it, I just really do love your blog!

  59. Mamasphere

    Public school can get expensive! I’m not a PTA kind of mom, so at least I can scrap that one from the list. Great post!Oh, and I LOVE Washington.

  60. Brian and Staci

    Wow! Hilarious post! Ms. Oklahoma here and I’m sooo sorry for my tardiness—it’s our first week back to school and it’s a little crazy figuring out that routine! I can’t wait to read more! Good luck with the back to school “social”!

  61. Briana

    LOL I was all excited about my son started Kindy next year but not anymore! LOL

  62. Mara

    Where do you come up with this stuff…you are stinking hilarious! We got our letter in the mail telling us which teacher we have and I immediately call my seasoned salmon creek friend and she politely told me that our teacher was “just fine” code word for not the IT teacher!!!! I hope we survive kindergarten! Have fun at the beaver game!

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