I’d Rather……..

Ben and I are watching the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds 3-D concert with special guests the Jonas Brothers.
Please allow me to tell you what I’d rather be doing………

  • getting my eyebrows waxed
  • getting anything waxed
  • cleaning up dog doo
  • riding a cow
  • eating a chocolate covered grasshopper
  • having an ingrown toenail removed
  • giving birth without an epidural
  • painting a barn
  • dissecting a frog
  • changing the oil in my car
  • shoveling snow
  • watching phineas and ferb
  • donating blood
  • reading War & Peace
  • playing rugby
  • calculus

Instead, I sit here, snuggled up to my eight year old.

Why? Because I love that eight year old!

I did like the last Jonas Bros. Song, called Year 3000. But don’t tell anyone!



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18 responses to “I’d Rather……..

  1. Swirl Girl

    Saw you on SITS . Watching the same thing as you with my 8 year old. Read about my Mom is Freaking Out Moment…www.swirlgirlspearls.blogspot.com

  2. Kat

    I am not sure how I got so lucky as to avoid this. But neither girl has even mentioned wanting to watch this. Buy them new Hannah Montana crocs, yet. Get 3-D glasses…nope. I am saying prayers of Thanksgiving…

  3. meleea

    my daughter and aimee locked them selves in the bonus room with their 3-D glasses and said i wasn’t invited because they wanted to dance alone?!?! sniff, sniff! maybe i really am not as cool as i thought i was! i do like that song also…shhh! i won’t tell anyone if you don’t!

  4. Lula!

    Trish…We may have to break up. Why no love for the 3 brothers and Miss Miley? We ADORE them, or more specifically, their music. ROCK ON!!!!!I will forgive you, though…

  5. Elena

    Yes, we endured it with our kids last night too. Actually, I love Hannah Montana or Miley or whoever the heck she is on stage. Jonas brothers…..not so much. I don’t know how they’ve gotten so big. But the kiddos love them, so we go with it.

  6. greedygrace

    LOL! This is great! I thank my lucky stars that my daughter is too young to take part in the Hannah Montana Craze! Give it about 5 years, she’ll get there!

  7. Gina

    It couldn’t possibly be so bad that you would rather watch Phineas and Furb. Nothing. Is. That. Bad.Now, i would rather give birth without an epidural, too, but at this point I could probably watch the concert and the baby would walk out on it’s own and start dancing.Do you know how many pairs of those stupid glasses I had to throw away?? Go to Wal-Mart even twice in a month and we have 10 pair- but, oh yeah, WE DON’T HAVE CABLE! HELLO!

  8. momto1

    Also saw you on SITS…Oh the joys of the tween age! I just endured a local production of High School Musical for some very close 10 year olds in my life– a show I am now proud to say I’ve seen “live”. Seeing the movie was bad enough! After, they flipped through their teen magazines and read me the latest gossip about the stars! The things we do for the ones we love!!

  9. AndreaWA

    hey I got to actually see the concert live last fall with Victoria!!! UGH!!!! It was fun to see her excitment but seriously there were so many others things I could have spent the evening doing!! 🙂 oh and I agree the jonas brothers are pretty good!

  10. Hot Tub Lizzy

    Not to get all serious, but I just wanted to tell you that you’re a GREAT mom. My ex would never just sit down and watch what the girls wanted to watch. He’d say “I don’t like that stuff”… well neither did I but I liked the GIRLS… and now he wonders why they won’t have much to do with him…

  11. Crazy Momma

    Congrats on the Saucy Blog listing!I totally hear you and will tell you that I PRAYED for boys for reasons of this nature…God gave me boys because he knew Hannah Montana would make me throw up a bit in my mouth. 🙂

  12. Debbie

    Trish, Trish, Trish…even LRRH didn’t watch this concert. We tried to get the 3-D glasses at stinky ole Walmart but they were out of them…and then she forgot. Although I think it is on Tivo. Again, such a funny post! Oh and my kids love phineas and ferb.

  13. Dee

    Not a Miley fan and nor my children. Thank goodness! And obviously you aren’t either if you’d rather do that list. Your list is hilarious! I got a good chuckle!

  14. "The Queen in Residence"

    Saw you on Saucey Blog and several others. I think Jennifer P’s??? Anywho love the comments you make there and this post. I too am one of the few that finds the whole Hannah facination a little on the spooky side. It is everywhere and frankly I have had enough. I am with you on most of the things that would rather be done then watching the broadcast, BUT, kudos to you for being such a good mom and sharing that with your daughter. When they hit the tween stage the last thing they want to do is be with mom.

  15. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace

    I enjoyed your list. Also, I have to admit, I had never listened to a Jonas Brothers song (my daughter is only one)and it was okay. My day will come. Congrats on making the Saucy Blogroll.

  16. JenniBeanV

    Ohhhhh…when I hear about all the Miley-Mania it makes me so happy to have little boys! LOL!But the Jonas brothers are hot. And yes, I feel like a dirty old lady whenever I say that.

  17. Karen

    I sat, no danced, and watched it with my kids. They think I’m crazy. Maybe, but I’ll publicly admit it!!!!

  18. Jennifer P.

    Except I bet when you’re having that baby with no epidural, you’d be thinking : Man! I wish I was watching a little Jonas Bros. instead…. :)!You crack me up Miss Trish!

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