See this kid…..

He is, generally, a happy kid.

He eats vegetables like no other 4 year old
but he can also put down his body weight in pizza.

Simple things make him happy.

Like a long, steep slide

or a spin on the carousel.

He is a fabulous bumper boat driver.

He ADORES his big brother

and this week he misses his best friend something fierce.

Lately, however, he has become a world class WHINER

and it’s drivin’ me NUTS!



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26 responses to “See this kid…..

  1. The Pace Posse

    What a great blog entry!Sorry about the whining…I can SO relate….

  2. Dee

    It’s a total 4 year old thing, like even over night. Autumn is doing the same thing. I just tell her that I don’t understand her new language, I call it Whineese and make her say it correctly. Often times I ignore her until she does this. It does work most days. But today I said, “Autumn, I don’t understand your whineese, if you say it in your nice voice, I will be able to help you.”

  3. Dee

    ooops, I didn’t finish….my fingers are not functioning with my mind……anyway I said that line mentioned about a gillion times today. It’s a phase, it too shall pass. Just keep training and keep pressing on.

  4. Debbie

    When they start whining, I start “wining.”But really, look at that face…he so stinkin cute!

  5. Lee Ann

    Those are all cute pics. What a fun boy. Hang in there. It will pass.

  6. Julie

    oh, but that face!

  7. Hot Tub Lizzy

    Oh whining… seriously, if they only had an inkling of how whining is really just a game of russian roulette!!!(ps – please go ahead and add me to your blogroll – I’d be honored!!)

  8. Emily

    SO funny. I am so glad your 4 year old eats his veggies. I think that is so great. People always ask me how I get my kids to eat their veggies, and I have no idea what to say!

  9. Lula!

    His cuteness more than makes up for it, I’m certain.But in our house we have a rule…neither Scott or I speak “Whinese,” therefore when the girls start in on it, we simply remind them, “Are you speaking to us? Are words coming out of your mouth? We don’t speak Whinese. Therefore we can’t hear you.” 90% of the time it works. As for the other 10%…well, it drives me nuts, too!

  10. The Aldridge's

    It’s almost sad that 4 year olds think whining will get them their way, isn’t it?And I agree, it’s SUPER annoying! The twins are the same way.PA

  11. Tawnya P.

    I think it’s a summer thing, at least that’s what I’m saying for my son!

  12. Kat

    I keep telling my girls that I am living a whine free life. But they apparently are not listening. Because all I hear is whining…

  13. Elena

    Funny!! I kept thinking as I was reading, “Oh what a sweet post to her little boy.” And then the last picture came up and I just busted up laughing. Isn’t that just so true about our little darlings? Maybe is the summertime boredom blues.

  14. Gramma 2 Many

    The darling spent a whole week with me. Not once did he ask for face,(Now Tricia, you have to explain that one.)nor did he whine.I got your comment from Deb. Good thing you were not here yesterday.

  15. Jennifer P.

    Is there EVER a 4 year old that doesn’t WHINE?!!?! He’s cute enough that you’ll forgive him soon enough :)!

  16. Gina

    Say it ain’t so! Not Tuba!If it makes you feel any better, I spent the day yesterday thinking how wrong it would be to murder my 3 year old!

  17. Gramma 2 Many

    Gina, premeditated murder is punishable by death!! Then I would have to raise the others and I did not do such a great job with you guys so you had better not.

  18. wehave9

    Let me guess, he must be 4! The same thing happened to mine. She makes me crazy! And to top it off, my stepdaughter will be turning 4 soon and she has already begun practicing. ARGH!

  19. emily

    I’ve got two four year old whiners in this house. And I’ve been pulling my hair out one. by. one. Found your blog through Saucy features on SITS 🙂

  20. JenniBeanV

    He is VERY cute! Sorry about the whining…we have some of that going on at my house, too!

  21. meleea

    he is so adorable and this season soon shall pass! each season has its many ups and downs! praying for an extra measure for grace for you as you handle his wwwhhhiinninngg!

  22. Nikki

    This made me laugh! What a face!

  23. Rhea

    Your little boy is adorable. I’m so impressed about the vegetables. My little one (and older one) can both eat their weight in pizza as well. lolAnd, both my boys, no matter how much I love and how wonderful they are, will whine at times. And whining drives me NUTS.

  24. Crazy Momma

    Ah, the whiners! Man, I wish I could say it gets better….

  25. Red Headed Mama

    The whining…fun times. My 5 year old has started whining and pouting a bit more since his baby brother was born. Apparently he figures the baby cries and get what he wants…it should work for him too. Um, WRONG. Good luck!!

  26. Tracy P.

    Well you must have at least gotten some therapy from the adorable pictures. CUTE post!Congratulations on being a Saucy Blog, and thanks for the Otter Pops tutorial!

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