Why didn’t I just get a pedicure and lay by the pool?

** Edited 7/15**
Sorry Debbie! This did not post until 7/11. You are not crazy, a little iron-y freak-y yes, but crazy no. What happened is that I had started a post earlier in the week that I ended up editing over. Blogger keeps the date that the post was originally generated and I forgot to go in and change it.

So I’m back and my chest and face are about as red as this font color. Can you say LOBSTER? And I aint talkin about what I ate………

Pictures later.

My kids have been gone ALL week. Gone. As in not here, sleepin somewhere else, makin a mess at someone else’s house, eatin out of a different fridge GONE. They went home with Gramma and Papa last Saturday for their annual week long summer visit. Get it? they were G-O-N-E.

So I spent the week painting the inside of my house……………

I’m exhausted.

Today I made the 200 mile drive to pick up my kids and tomorrow morning the boys and I are heading to Northern Idaho for some camping and amusement park fun at Silverwood Theme Park with my sister and her family while my husband heads to Las vegas with his brother.

Yeah, I got the short end of this deal.

And yes, Lula, I made more of those yummy gooey cookies.

They are my currency.

How else could I get my nephews and brother in law to set up my tent for me?

Try not to miss me as much as I’ll miss you all.

PS. I was going to try to have some blogs in the queue just waiting to auto post whilst I was off having some fun.
Yeah, that’s not happenin. The painting took far longer than I expected and the fumes killed all my fun, whitty brain cells……..

Sorry folks.



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11 responses to “Why didn’t I just get a pedicure and lay by the pool?

  1. Julie

    WOW! good for you. You may not have gotten a pedicure but now you can leave on vacation and feel completely accomplished on the house front. I hear you may run into a couple familiar people at Silverwood next week. ( our church wouldn’t be our church with out them)

  2. meleea

    sounds like you have been busy! thanks for the link to silverwood – cody will be going there in a couple weeks – looks amazing!! have a fun and relaxing time!

  3. Kat

    Wow. I am a horrid painter. I drip. I spill. I step in the mess. When my girls were at camp for a whole week…I did nothin’. But blog. And eat peanut m&ms. Not that I wish I had painted. But…there were a lot of things I could have accomplished. And now…I’ll be doing that next week. With “help” from the kiddos…

  4. Valerie

    Good job. Want to come paint my house? Have fun at Silverwood. Seems like the ‘it’ place to go this year so you are on the cool team.

  5. Emily

    Good job girl!And– enjoy your trip, even though you got the raw end.

  6. Debbie

    Trish..when did you post this because I have checked in on you after Wednesday, July 9th and this post wasn’t there. I got nothing…nothing but that old post!!!! This post is new…Do you hear me yelling at you…yeah well I am…because you are really really funny…and you need to post more. I’m done now.Have fun!

  7. Lula!

    I was gonna offer sympathy and love and then you had to mention chocolatey goodness. And the fact that I’ve had no chocolatey goodnes is really wearing on me. So poop on you. I won’t miss you a bit.I say this in loving way, just so you know.

  8. Kris

    Speaking of poop! I think that I got the raw end when you convieniently(?) left camp and I got to scrub the poop off your entire kid!

  9. Elena

    Have a great time! I’ve driven by that place, but never been. Hope to see pictures of the painting project. Someday I’ll get brave and paint something.

  10. Debbie

    Thanks for clarifying that yes, I am a FREAK, but I am not crazy!

  11. Dee

    oooooh, painted. I love painting other people’s walls. You should have called me. I’m always up for a pedi, give me a call sometime!Let get together when you get back!

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