Me, the Obedient Daughter

My mother has tagged me for a MeMe.
I have done one of these before.
However, my mom has told me that I must play along and since I have always been obedient to my mother there’s no reason to stop now.

Aw c’mon now, we all know that the truth of the matter is that the rebel in me wants to change this up a bit. So instead of a MeMe (where I post all about none other than ME) I am going to do a DaveDave. Yep, folks it’s six random facts about my husband (with his approval):

  • Dave has lived in this very same county all his entire live long years, and the same town for all but the 3 years that we spent in the neighboring town, which is really one and the same as this town. As a matter of fact his parents still live in the house that they purchased when he was 2. That would be forty some odd years ago……….
  • Dave went back to college a little more than two years ago and graduated with a business degree and a minor in marketing this past December. He is the first in his family to receive anything higher than a high school diploma!
  • Dave worked for the same company full time for 19 years and when he graduated there was no opportunity or offer for advancement so he left for a different company. Too bad. They lost an excellent, hard working and very loyal employee and he lost 5 weeks of vacation a year!
  • Dave once had his own TV show. It was called Big Dave’s Sports Calvacade. Seriously. It was on the local cable access channel. He and some friends produced about six episodes in the late eighties. We have them all on VHS if anyone would like to borrow them!! They are quite humorous and when we first started dating and were married we would run into people all the time that recognized him from his show.
  • Dave LOVES playing baseball. He played all through out his childhood into his first few years of college, then he took up softball for a while but it just wasn’t the same. So back to baseball he went and up until this summer he has played real hardball, wooden bat baseball in a league over in Portland. I like to call his team the “has beens, used to be’s and washed-ups” because nearly every one of those over forty year old men played at least college level baseball and some even spent time in the pros.
  • Dave has been blessed with the “good hair” gene. His two younger brothers are both rapidly balding, but he has a full head of luciously thick hair with barely any gray. Yeah, I got the best looking of the bunch!

There you go.

My DaveDave.

That was fun now wasn’t it.

You know you want to play along.

So I tag………..

whoever wants to play along!



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9 responses to “Me, the Obedient Daughter

  1. Elena

    So funny that you should “de-lurk” on my blog today. šŸ™‚ Because just about a week ago I had to check you out. (Who can resist with that awesome profile pic?) It was the post about you biffing it on the scooter and I laughed my head off!! SOOOO something I would do. I wanted to comment, but I’m a big chicken. And I love your boys pee office. We just caught our daughter peeing in the bushes over the weekend. (Not so good if you’re a girl.) Thanks for commenting.

  2. Elena

    Okay, so I had to go back to Jennifer P.’s “private eyes” post clear back in January to see if it was you that said you looked at my blog clear back then. It was. So really you de-lurked a long time ago. šŸ™‚

  3. Lula!

    OK…this is a great idea. I’m gonna leave a ScottScott comment here. I will keep it brief, I promise.*He is a junior and his first name is John.*His groom’s cake was chocolate poundcake with chocolate mousse icing, AND strawberries dipped in chocolate placed ever so strategically. The top layer had an enormous Dale Earnhardt car. Because he is a redneck.*He is left handed and can sew stitches with one hand. (It is rather impressive…he’s my favorite doctor ever.)*Scott has a beautiful singing voice–he does a mean version of Clint Black and George Strait.*He thinks Carrie Underwood’s “American Girl” was written about him.*Scott is a champion sleeper–he can nod off standing up, sitting down, or even 2 hours after a full night’s rest. And I love him.The end!

  4. Shannon

    just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to vote for me in the blogger’s choice awards!!!

  5. Valerie

    ah the good hair gene — such a blessing šŸ˜‰

  6. Debbie

    Wait, you have been lurking on Elena’s blog and vice versa??? I thought we all ran in the same circles. And commented. Great post, and your husband sounds like a keeper.Oh and I want to tell you the same thing I told Gina, you have free room and board anytime you want to make a trip to the Nation’s Capitol.

  7. Kat

    Ouch about those 5 weeks of vacation! My hubby left his last job right after he had finally earned those. And now we are almost to our 5th year with this new company…and I cannot wait to get back to at least 3 weeks of vacation.Great post. And great idea to do the randomness about someone else!

  8. Emily

    This was fun to read, I wish you could post one of those episodes on your blog. It sounds like good 80’s fun!

  9. Lee Ann

    That was fun!

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