No matter what they say don’t go in their office.

Apparently my boys have a secret office.


And just today I learned about it.

By accident.

The four year old let it slip.

Now before you start thinking how cute and creative this is, let me tell you that it is not your ordinary pretend office. They did not pilfer through my desk and steal sticky notes, sharpies or paper clips for this office. As a matter of fact this office has no supplies or desks or lamps or doors or walls. All it has is a bush and a fence near by and it has eliminated the need to come inside for anything other than snacks

They call it their PEE OFFICE.
They’re boys.

They can do that.


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16 responses to “No matter what they say don’t go in their office.

  1. The Pace Posse

    And cute boys at that!!!

  2. Debbie

    Do they at least have some toilet paper in their pee office?ANd they are mighty cute boys!

  3. Lee Ann

    The fact that they call it their pee office is hilarious!

  4. The Aldridge's

    VERY funny! Gotta love them.Why is it that the younger you are the more acceptable it is to do socially unacceptable things?

  5. Gina

    Yeah, only around here we are sandwiched between a highway and a public school. No Pee Office here….

  6. Trish

    Nope, no TP in the pee office. They had better not need it either. It is ONLY a pee office. They must come in the house for any other duty.And, um, yeah Pat. Don’t go there. You might end up in jail and your kids need a dad.

  7. Kris

    At least it’s enclosed! Over here, any male person who is standing still with his back to you is peeing! They only go to the “Office” to do “paper work”! Yes, that’s what we call it!

  8. Hot Tub Lizzy

    At this moment I’m LOVIN’ having girls.

  9. Kat

    No pee office here. Thank goodness. Though apparently one of my landscapers found his own in our woods. Wasn’t aware that it was there…

  10. My 5 Boyz

    Hi, Trish, I’m one of Erica’s friends and I just had to comment on this post. :)My younger boys made up a “club house”just off the trails in our neighborhood and yesterday they took me to see it. It was just a tree with lots of tall weeds around it that they had cut and piled to make a couch. Behind the tree there are two very shallow holes in the ground. One is for #1 and the other one is for girls (that’s how they said it). Now I know. It’s a boy thing and their obsession with outhouses.

  11. Julie


  12. Lula!

    Oh, to mother boys…At least they can go outside without it being a major act of congress!Oh, to mother girls…where going outside is akin to Nightmare on Elm Street parts 1-38. Ha!

  13. Valerie

    My daughter would love to have that. She so wants to be able to pee outside and I just can’t convince her that is really isn’t the same. Sad.

  14. Gramma 2 Many

    Gotta Love them! At least the fence isn’t electric.I tagged you today. Come see and play along. I do not know enough other people to tag so you have to play.When and where am I getting the boys. Are you coming all the way up? Actually today Dad mentioned us going away until Sunday. Maybe we will meet you.

  15. Emily

    YES! I love this.Josh is too lazy to come inside and just does his thang in the shrubs. Gross. What is up with boys sometimes.

  16. Haasiegirl

    Does this mean they really want to pee in your office? That is HILARIOUS.

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