Can someone please go scrape my pride up off the concrete for me?

I took the kids to the park yesterday.
Yeah, I’m cool that way.
We invited some friends also.
Apparently other parents have picked up on my coolness and have started taking their kids to the park.
You see when we were there this time
we had the place all to ourselves.
Not yesterday.
My friends and I found a place to sit and we sent the children off to do their thing while we did ours. After sitting there doing our thing for about an hour I decide that it is time to get up and stretch my legs.
Lying on the ground just in front of me is Ben’s razor scooter.
Now remember, I’m a cool mom, so instead of just passing over it I picked it up to take it for a little spin.
Have I mentioned that the park is packed.
I carefully maneuver my way around a million other parents and possibly a few nannies to head for the open space on the other side of the play structure.
I’m cruising right along, cool as a cat.
Yeah, I’m cool. I’ve still got it.
Someone, however, forgot to warn me of the role that playground bark can play in the immediate discontinuation of the circular motion to a scooters wheel.
Yeah, I’m cool.
Especially when I’m picking myself up off the concrete pretending not to be hurt in order to maintain some semblance of my pride.
Did I mention the park was PACKED?


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20 responses to “Can someone please go scrape my pride up off the concrete for me?

  1. niccole w.

    Now you’re even cooler. I just read a t-shirt that said,” Chicks dig scars.” I think sons do too:)

  2. Gina

    Was anything else hurt? I mean more than your pride? Did you manage to check on your sons or did you just limp back to your chair? Did Ben see and learn a lesson about bark? Or is he going to have to repeat it to learn it on his own?

  3. Karen

    OUCH.Did you do the fake laugh and jump up, or moan a little and quietly sit back down?I can totally relate- I’m clumsy and take stupid risks like that. People need to remind us that we are not 18 anymore!

  4. Trish

    Nicki, I totally need that shirt “son’s dig scars”Gina, chiro thinks I fractured a rib or two. oh yeah, ben saw. he doesn’t miss much but he can be pretty compassionate when he needs to be.Karen, I jumped up, laughed and tried to play it cool all th while holding back the tears……

  5. Hot Tub Lizzy

    Cripes.. that so sucks. Been there, done that, need same t-shirt.

  6. The Pace Posse

    Just keepin’ you humble. :)I’m sorry you got hurt…hope it’s nothing serious.

  7. meleea

    you are cool no matter what!!

  8. Lee Ann

    I think you’re even “cooler” because you shared that with us. Are you serious about the ribs? Man! I hope you’re on the mend soon.

  9. Mara

    I can relate….today I slipped and almost smacked into the wall of the kiddie pool at LS when I was climbing in…yeah the place was packed!!! NICE!!!

  10. Debbie

    LAUGHING OUT LOUD REALLY HARD. That was hysterical and yeah you are still cool…..

  11. Lula!

    Sorry my dear…but I so win this one. OK, I’ll call it a draw…we are both equally cool. Here’s why:Yesterday (Friday–the 27th) while in the ocean, with the water just barely above my knees, I was calling out to a friend on the beach, being all dramatic and loud and obnoxious. Because I tend to be that way while at the beach. Anyway, in the middle of my commotion, an enormous wave knocks me on my boo-tay…heels over my head. FOR REAL. I started laughing so hard that I couldn’t get up, so the waves kept pounding and knocking me down. Over and over. THEN…when I finally regain composure, I see about 50-odd people on the beach, laughing, clapping, and trying not to pee on themselves. Meanwhile, my family and friends are all, “Are you OK?” and “That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in my life!” and my favorite, “That would’ve won the big prize on Funniest Home Videos.”Thanks, peeps. After tucking my boobs back into my swimsuit and finally standing up straight, I was still cackling along with everyone else. And peeing in the ocean. Just sayin’…

  12. Kris

    I saw you at the park today,So cool…As you go to play,Like a kid, just not as small,took a pounding from the fall, Weight in motion has a way of really screwing up your day.I saw you at the park today!YMF

  13. Erica

    Oh my goodness. Trish, you and Lula have me crying I’m laughing so hard. I’m sorry you got hurt. I have to say though, ever since Americas Funniest Home Videos started, I think anyone who has ever watched it has no more compassion but instead, we laugh our butts off when we see someone get hurt. I hope you are ok! But, thanks for a wonderful laugh!

  14. Mrs. R

    You are cool no matter what. And, super funny. Between me, you and Lula this was some week.

  15. annette

    i think the shirt should say… “cool moms bite it on the asphalt” oh, wait- that doesn’t sound very appropriate. hope you found some ibuprophen and heal yourself up before hopping back on the scooter.

  16. Kat

    Oh my goodness…hilarious. And I have just spent my evening getting caught up on your blog. Because Google reader hasn’t listed any new posts from you in a while. I came over to see if you’d had an accident or something. And you had…But I apparently fell on my head, because I forgot to add you to my reader at all…But you are there now, and all is right with the world.

  17. Emily

    Oh no! That is hilarious!

  18. Julie

    OK, I’m not as cool as you are….but one day I was trying to pretend like I was playing the drums with my kid’s friends, you know, banging my head around, etc…and then my whiplash injury hit…..and all of a sudden I found it hard to move my neck around….Yea, things aren’t what they used to be….but I’m still cool!!Thanks for visiting my site. I am blessed that my “Isaac” post blessed you. It’s hard isn’t it? But if we don’t go there, something will be blocked in us.I just don’t want a blocked heart….I would be happy for you to link to me, thanks for asking!Bless you as you walk forward towards what God has invited you into. I think you will find Him and treasures of His afresh.Julie

  19. Dee

    Oh my1 I think I will take back your prize and give get you an ice pack, princess band aids and ST-37!Call me to redeem your prize 687-7643.

  20. Valerie

    Brave woman to share that. At least your kids will say they had a mom that would try anything. Not many kids can say that.

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