Guess where these little buggers are going…

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are a favorite around here.
One day last week Ben and I made a batch of cookie dough, but I didn’t want to sit around all day baking cookies so I just poured all the batter into a bar pan and baked it all at once. The results were these fabulously yummy and ultra gooey chocolate chip brownie like cookie thingys. They were perfect. Crispy on the outside but very gooey in the middle. On our way out the door to the park that afternoon we delivered a plate full to our neighbors Ron, Sue and Christopher (who had just come home from completing his freshmen year of college).

The next day I missed a phone call from Sue.
She left me a message saying “Trish, call me right away I need to ask you something really important.”

I called her back and this is what she said “Those were the best cookies ever. Would you mind making another batch for us to take when we leave next Monday to go see Chad? He would love to have a homemade treat like that.” And, since Sue and Ron are truly the best neighbors that we could ever have wished for, I agreed to make another batch!
So tomorrow these dangerously delicious chocolate chip cookie bar thingys will be traveling 4747 miles (or 7640 km) to:

York, England
(my cookies have been to europe but I never have!)

to be enjoyed by Chad, their other son, who is studying there as an English Literature major.
So Chad, I hope these cookies are not confiscated by greedy, hungry TSA employees or stolen by ravenous, kleptomaniac baggage handlers or consumed by your dad and Chris on the flight over. We miss you and pray that you are having a great time. My boys are very excited that you are coming home soon! Have a great time visiting and traveling with your family and enjoy the cookies.


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10 responses to “Guess where these little buggers are going…

  1. American in Norway

    How sweet! Thank you for popping by my blog & your well wishes… i will keep everyone updated.. Thanks again! : )

  2. Julie

    yum…how about you share the recipe? better yet…come join!! I’m going to add you to the author list so you have no choice!

  3. Karen

    OK your address is “moved” too on my friend list!Those cookies look good!!!

  4. Sue

    Thanks Trisha,You are the best!!!! I am sure Chad will love the cookies. We are so lucky to have you as our neighbor.

  5. Debbie

    Ok…so I was just over at Gina’s thinking about Red Robin and now I click over here and have to drool over that plate of choc chip bars. Meanie.

  6. Debbie

    Ok…those two deleted posts were mine…I kept trying to publish and it took too long…so it published three times. Sorry!

  7. Lula!

    Please…step-by-step instructions on how we can recreate these fabulous goodies, please.

  8. Emily

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, those look SO GOOD!

  9. Melissa Lee

    Trish, Trish, Trish.Who knew you were a closet Paula Deen. Cuz I have to admit, you look like a seriel killer in that goggles pic. :)You know I kid. Often.So are you gonna share the recipe or what? I’m for anything that “looks” done on the outside but is straight up “raw” on the inside.Melissa at Stretch Marks

  10. Julie

    Those look awesome.I had the most yummy brownies today… They were brownies with Symphony Bars with the toffee.. OH MY GOSH…were they awesome….I found you from Meredith’s blog.It’s nice to meet you!Julie

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