Wii Didn’t Win

It was a tight race and for a while I was quite a ways in the lead, but in the end my picture ended up in 3rd place.

Oh well, my boys still have sticks and rocks to play with all summer long.

A big thank you to my friends Debbie (who was almost more obsessed with me winning than i was), Gina, Meagan and LeeAnn who all posted the link to vote on their blogs.

It was fun, but I can’t say that I will do that again. I am way to competitive and the constant score checking was to consuming………….



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8 responses to “Wii Didn’t Win

  1. Tonya

    Amen to that one sister, not doing this voting contest thing again! You had me sweating trying to think of ways to get people to vote for us 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment. God Bless.

  2. Heather

    Oh, man!! I can’t believe you didn’t win!!

  3. Gina

    Hey, let me know if you run out of sticks and rocks- we have some cool ones here we could loan you….

  4. Kat

    My dad used to say that all he had to play with was a stick and a string. Maybe you should add that string to your repertoire. We just got our wii this week…we had to try it out while the girls were at camp cause it’s gonna be packed away till Santa comes. So sorry you didn’t win!

  5. Meagan

    So sorry you didn’t win…what a bummer! I got quite a chuckle out of the sticks and rocks comment! At least that forces them to get out and use their imaginations.Here’s a sad commentary on just what a Wii can do to your children…David met a family a while back with an 8 year old boy who is quite big for his age so David assumed he must play sports. After asking the boy if he played anything he replied that he plays some golf and tennis but that’s about it because he doesn’t have the right attachments for other sports on his Wii!! If my kid ever considered the Wii as playing a sport I’d toss it in the trash!I will admit though it would be fun to have one. My brother-in-law got one for Christmas and it really is a blast!

  6. michelle

    bummer!i saw your hubby tonight and he informed me of the sad news : (love your blog photo, the green goggles are cool. i’ll now wander over to your mom’s blog to check out your stylin family portrait. hey, i wanna check out your running blog, will you invite me? or… are you like Shannon and not spending much time on your running blog? lol!

  7. Debbie

    Oh yes I was obsessed. Don’t ever do that to me again.

  8. Valerie

    Big Bummer. I was holding my breath. . . I almost passed out. Too bad. Well, keep saving. . . they have to come down eventually. Smiles.

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