I want a Wii……bad

Or is that badly?
I just want a Wii.
Thus far it is not in the budget to purchase one, so I am entering EVERY contest I can possibly find to win one. Here is the latest contest, and I like this one because I have been looking for a contest to enter this photo in since I took it nearly two years ago:

That is Scoop and Baby, whom (or is it who? whatever.) he has recently renamed Jacob. I love this picture because it shows Scoop just being a kid.

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a photo contest title “The Kid in You” and sponsored by Nestle and the grand prize is……….

A Wii

(remember, I want one of those.)

If I am a finalist there will be voting involved, so stayed tuned because I will expect help from all of my wonderful bloggy friends!!



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13 responses to “I want a Wii……bad

  1. mer

    Oh, I hope you win! I found one back in January and bought it for my son’s birthday. He actually paid for half of it, and gave up having a party too. It was a serious splurge, but he shares with the fam, and we all love it. I really hope you win!!!

  2. Gina

    Badly; it’s an adverb. It modifies want. Ask Debbie.I vascillate. No, that’s not what you do to your husband after the birth of your 5th child. I think it would be fun to have, but my kids have proven to be obsessive about video games.

  3. meleea

    what a great photo! i so hope you win!

  4. ThatGirl

    the only one that made me laugh out loud. good luck!

  5. Heather

    You definitely need a Wii. You will LOVE it. That picture is too cute. I’ll vote if needbe. You have to promise to go buy Super Mario Galaxy. Funnest. Game. EVER.

  6. Debbie

    Enter that NOW. That picture is just precious and priceless. And let us know how we can help you win it. My husband has a widget on his computer that indicates when they become available on Amazon. He has been watching it for months. One came up last week so we bought it for the kids for Christmas. I can’t wait to try it out. We don’t have any other video game units at all so this will be a first for all of us. Keep us posted…all of us will dedicate a post to you with a link so our readers can vote for you guys!

  7. annette

    we’ll be there for you baby… just let us know where and when to vote! and, yep, its an adverb so it should be -ly… i just saw school house rock live on sunday so i know all about that stuff! (lolly lolly lolly get your adverbs here) love you trish! OH, and Mark went to Sonic yesterday w/o me! : (

  8. ktjrdn

    I’m trying to win them everywhere too. Saw you at 5 minutes for mom.Have you seen this contest?http://shuttersisters.com/home/2008/5/27/a-good-fit-photo-contest.html I didn’t look real closely, but you can enter it too. good luck (But I still would rather win myself, of course)

  9. Lula!

    I will vote for you. We love the Wii. Ha!

  10. Valerie

    super cute. I want a wii too. Good luck. Remember the little people when you win!

  11. Emily Loria

    GOOD LUCK! The picture is precious!

  12. Mrs. Romero

    I voted! Adorable picture!

  13. Kristin

    I love your pic! Too cute. 🙂

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