I, like many others, have been following the blog of Nate Lawrenson at Confessions of a CF Husband. As I type this, his wife Tricia is in surgery for a double lung transplant. If you have not visited their blog, you really should. Theirs is a story of amazing faith and a true testimony to the power of our God. Go check out his blog and pray right now for Tricia, her doctors and transplant team, Nate, baby Gwyneth and especially the lung donors family because they have lost a loved one today.


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4 responses to “PRAY, PRAY, PRAY

  1. Debbie

    Wow! I came over here to tell you how much I LOVED your totally hilarious comment to my latest post, and then was slapped sober by your post. I was curious one day when I saw them on your link list and spent some time on their blog but haven’t done so lately. I will definitely head over there and read about it…and will pray for them.

  2. Lee Ann

    I can’t keep but looking at their post…..every 10 minutes. God is amazing.I’m lovin’ the music on your blog. Honestly, I mute them a lot because I have so many pages open at once and all the music mixing….doesn’t work. But tonight I’m sitting her scrappin’ listening to How Great is my God. He is SO GREAT!

  3. The Pace Posse

    I’ll be praying!

  4. MilePost13

    Thank you!

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