To Sonic or not to Sonic?

What is the deal with Sonic Drive-Ins?
We have seen their commercial lately and I have read some blogs that talk about Sonic, but I am wondering if it is worth a 30-40 minute drive…… is just fast food right?
We have learned that there is a Sonic a few towns away from us and we might take one of our Spring Break day trips that direction.
Is it worth a little detour?
If you’ve been there let us know!!
Love it? Hate it?
Tell us, you could save us the gas money!


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9 responses to “To Sonic or not to Sonic?

  1. Gina

    Um, I don’t know, but if it is anything like Checker’s then definitely yes. Do you remember the Checker’s on Delk Rd (it was there when you came back to stay for a while)? The french fries were to die for!

  2. Lee Ann

    I haven’t had their food….only their ice cream treats. I hear there’s one going in by the Walmart near me.

  3. meleea

    i think Annette likes sonic and she makes the drive – ask her about it. i have never been there but hear it is good – let us know if you go!

  4. The Pace Posse

    I’ve never been, but I hear one is going in to our East come June.Let us know how it is if you go.

  5. Debbie

    OH TRISH I WAS JUST GOING TO POST ABOUT SONIC DIET COKE!!! We don’t have one here in Northern Virginia, but they have them in Dallas where my sister lives. They have THE BEST SODA. I had one every single day that I was there last week. It is crushed ice in a styrofoam cup…it is my favorite, and I would love to a Sonic near me. I have had their breakfast which is pretty good. I haven’t had anything else. Your kids may get a kick out of the servers skating up to your window to take your order and serve you like in the old days. It may be a fun spring break adventure because it is so different. If you go, have a Route 44 Diet Coke for me!

  6. Meagan

    Sonic is a big hit in our house! I agree with Debbie…they have great soda but I like their vanilla cokes. They are the real kind with the added syrup not just the kind you buy in the cans. And it is nice to get the Route 44 once in a while. 44 oz of tasty goodness! The crushed ice is good, but we always ask for very light ice otherwise they fill the cup to the top with ice and you don’t get as much to drink. You can get any kind of syrup in any kind of drink…David gets cherry Dr. Pepper. The kids love the slushes and I really like their root beer floats. They are kind of famous for their drinks and ice cream treats. We do like their burgers too. They are pretty big and come with lettuce, pickles, and tomato but you do have to pay extra for cheese. And you get your choice of mustard or mayo. This is all fresh in my head because we actually went there for lunch today!!! Anyway, we really like it, but I won’t promise you it is worth a super long trip. We only have to drive about two minutes to get to ours! Either way, have a great spring break!

  7. Lynne Paulus

    Pretty much the main fast food source we had in Arkansas was Sonic, and it’s good! They do have awesome frozen stuff, I can’t remember the names, but some slushy stuff that is great! Their burgers are good, I think better than McD’s or the nomral fast food around here. Probably more like Burgerville style burgers I guess. Yes, it is still fast food, but good. If you’re in the area definately go there, I don’t know that I’d drive a long ways out of the way to go though unless you’re looking for an excuse to go somewhere!

  8. Debbie

    Yeah sister! Glad you have decided to go. YOU must post about it. Thanks for sharing about your sister on my blog. 32??? Wow..that is really young…scarey stuff. I will be in prayer for her as well. Enjoy your day at Sonic!!

  9. annette

    Ande and Annette say SONIC! LOVE IT!!! can you say DIET CHERRY LIME-AiD! Strawberry is good too! We went to Sonic everyday of our trip to the midwest (summer of ’06)… i must admit that the food at the one here has a funny sweet taste (like they fry the fries w/ something sugary)… but the drinks are amazing! it is a fun adventure for our family… and they have a drink happy hour 2-4 pm daily! yeah, for one by LeeAnn! when is it going to be finished???

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