Dear Uninvited House Guest,

Please go away! Mr. Influenza A, B, C or whatever you are. You are not welcome at our house. I’m not sure how you got in; we wash our hands regularly and I always use those santizing wipes on my grocery cart. But somehow you snuck your way into our house and have rendered me useless. You made me miss out on all of the Easter festivites and even made me to sleepy to watch the Living Hope Easter Service on TV.
It is one thing to strike the mother, but simply another to take down her children. Oh, the nerve of you. Benjamin was looking forward to PE today because it was chin-up day. Do you not understand the joy it brings an 8 year old boy to try to beat his PE teacher in chin-ups? Instead, you Mr. Flu, have seized his body, making even holding his head up next to impossible.
Before you even think of taking up residence in Cooper or Dave, please remember that neither of them have done anything to deserve your visit. They are good people and do no harm to others, so please be mindful of that and skip right over them on your way out the door…………………..
Oh Yeah, don’t forget to take your little subjects: fever, chills, body ache, head ache, cough and congestion with you.


The Mom



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8 responses to “Dear Uninvited House Guest,

  1. Julie

    ewww, yuck. He is not welcome here, either. feel better soon!julie

  2. meleea

    bummer! hope you all are better soon and no…he is not welcome here either!!

  3. Lee Ann

    Man! You’ve had more than your fair share this year. Be gone Mr. Flu!

  4. annette

    flu flu go away. the end. (don’t even think of coming back, either!)sorry you and ben got whammed… i bet that runner-body is fighting mighty hard against flu… go kick it w/ some chicken noodle soup!

  5. Eryn

    I changed my blog address!http://www.snapshotsofmymommymoments.blogspot.comHope you’ll stop by! Eryn

  6. Emily Loria

    YUCK!Hope things get better soon for ya’ll!

  7. Debbie

    Been there done that. Twice. I hope someone cathces INFLUENZA and eterminates him from your house and ours! Get better!

  8. Lee Ann

    What do you mean you didn’t finish the couch potato to 5k? I think running a 5k pretty much means you finished 🙂

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