I’m Supposed to do a 5K in FOUR Days

My sister Kris is coming down this weekend and we are running the Shamrock Run on Sunday morning. Strep throat was not in my training plans this week. I have not run since last Friday, and do not see any training in my very near future………………uggghhhhhh~~~~
Yes, this is me whining!


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11 responses to “I’m Supposed to do a 5K in FOUR Days

  1. lee ann

    Oh man! That stinks!

  2. Erica

    I’m so sorry you are sick! I will be praying for you to get better before Sunday! I will be looking for you!!!

  3. Debbie

    I think I can! I think I can! Give me more drugs then I know I can! Get better soon…

  4. Julie

    you can do it. feel better soon!julie

  5. Emily Loria

    GOOD LUCK! Man, I wouldn’t even run a 5K well… you are brave!

  6. annette

    it’s called adrenalin, and you’ll do fine! just go at an easy pace and enjoy yourself! this is THE funnest race you could do… i hope you’re feeling better! let us know how it goes!

  7. Eryn

    you can do it! Did you finish your 9 weeks? I’m on week 5…i keep thinking about what you said…little shorts, little tank top…aahh.

  8. Gina

    You actually run? You are ill. I can’t run. My boobs bounce too hard and my thighs rub together creating enough friction to catch my undies on fire!

  9. Kris

    Now I don’t have to worry about you ditching me!Gina, The chaffing is terrible but that is part of the reason we are doing this. To cut down on the chaffing surface area!

  10. meleea

    You will make it trish! You have worked hard and it will pay off. We will be praying for health and fun!

  11. The Pace Posse

    Praying that you are feeling better today!Heather

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