My tonsils look disgusting!

I have the worst case of strep throat that I have ever had (and I get it often!). I was going to take a picture of my tonsils to show them to you all, but I really only want pictures of nice things on my blog. So take my word for it, they are nasty looking. The only reason I am able to hold my head up right now is because I have added a controlled narcotic to my ibuprofen cycle, which has allowed me to swallow my first calories since breakfast Saturday morning. That controlled substance is kicking in right now so I must go lay back down. Please pray that no one else in my family catches this because it is awful……..



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8 responses to “My tonsils look disgusting!

  1. Eryn

    oh man! that stinks. Feel better soon!

  2. The Aldridge's

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. We will be praying for you!

  3. Emily Loria

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I had the WORST case of strep about 4 months ago, and it totally kicked my bum. I could not even swallow my own spit. I cried, and had to go get some drugs from the urgent care just to survive. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. meleea

    Strep throat is the worst! I hope you feel well soon and I will pray you don’t share it with any of the men in your house!

  5. annette

    prayin for you Trish! i hope you got some good antibiotics to fight that nasty stuff!

  6. Debbie

    Hi Trish,Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet message. You made my day! And I don’t mind you linking if I can link yours to mine. I just spent a some time reading yours…we have very similar styles! I loved the post about the items you found in your kids rooms…the chewed gum made me laugh out loud. I hope you start to feel better soon….strep sucks…no way else to describe it!

  7. Gina

    Wow! I guess I should have said that I was dying of a septic ingrown toenail- then the lurkers would have come out of the wood work! Say “Hi” to your pal Vic for me. We’ve only met once, but he’s a real good guy!By the way, your comment doesn’t count because you’re not a lurker.

  8. The Pace Posse

    I am so sorry you are sick! I hope you feel better soon. We’ll pray your family doesn’t catch this….

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