I Scream, YOU Scream, we all SCREAM……..

We have a Valentine’s tradition.
It is the only day of the year that we go here, which makes it an
extra special treat!
What is better than ice cream?
Ice Cream shared with a good friend!



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4 responses to “I Scream, YOU Scream, we all SCREAM……..

  1. The Aldridge's

    You really should go more often. It’s a treat any time!Pat

  2. Emily Loria

    Looks fun, I love your andy griffith music too.

  3. Jennifer P.

    Looks so tasty! And your post for your son was so sweet! Time sure does go by quickly, doesn’t it? Just soak it all in!!!

  4. Gina

    We have a fun tradition that involves a “once-in-a-while” treat. The kids used to bug me to buy them donuts all the time at the grocery store. I mean all the time- not that I ever did. I decided that if it was someone’s birthday they would wake up to a fresh assortment of donuts, everyone was happy then. When the kids went to the store and asked for donuts I asked whose birthday it was- end of conversation. Now they don’t even ask- but they do spend about two weeks on donut countdown. With a family of seven this happens pretty regularly through the year, TWICE in October!

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