Check This Out

I stumbled across this today and thought it was such a great idea! Basically it is software that you can use to turn your blog into a real book. Whether you are a blogger who blogs as a way to preserve your family history, or blog as a way to “scrapbook” your life and memories, a crafty blogger, a photo blogger or are just a narcissistic blogger like me you now can “publish” your postings in a pretty reasonably priced hardback or softback book.
Now, who wants a copy of my blog in hardback!?!


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2 responses to “Check This Out

  1. The Aldridge's

    OK, that is just cool. I was recently thinking that I would like to keep some of our blog posts, fun stories about the kids, etc. Thanks for finding this!Cheryl

  2. lee ann

    My honey got me one of these for Christmas! It was THE BEST gift!

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