HTML and me are NOT friends….

Every night this week, I spent hours messing with my blog trying to get the darling header that Shannon created to show up. I could not get it to load through the edit option. I went on Blogger Help, asked questions, Googled answers, swapped e-mails with some Blogger Star named Panther, read blogs about HTML code, and just about gouged my eyes out because it was all greek to me. So last night when I got online I was just about to abort this whole blogging thing in favor of taking up watercolor painting, but I had to make my blog rounds first. Lo and behold I get to Heather’s blog and she has a cute new design also. What? Just earlier this week she was asking me if I kenw how to customize her blog. Of course I had to tell her that I had no idea because I am technologically challenged and instead of taking computer classes in school I took extra PE. Well, Heather being the smarty pants that she is, went and figured it out all by herself. I immediately picked up the phone and called her to tell her I loved the design and that I thought she was a genius and would she please help me figure out why I couldn’t get mine to work. The genius compliment really helped, she said yes. I e-mailed her my header, login, and password, and within minutes she had my header on my page. Seriously folks, I had spent hours this week failing at the task that took her less than 30 minutes to accomplish. I called her back again and said “how’d ya do that?” Her answer went something like this: “oh you just had a bad HTML header code, so I rewrote it and reloaded the picture”. Ummmm, okay.
So once again, thank you to Shannon for the great design and to Heather for being an HTML genius!


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6 responses to “HTML and me are NOT friends….

  1. The Pace Posse


  2. Candy :)

    Such a CUTE blog!!!Have a blessed day :)Candy

  3. Jennifer P.

    I love it Trish! Sorry I haven’t popped over here much lately! Funny I did tonight because as of yesterday–I hired Shannon to do my blog as well. The woman I’d hired way back on Dec. 14 has totally flaked out on me. So thankful that Shannon was willing to bail me out of that hole!–and save my husband’s perfect Christmas gift. Glad you’re doing well, adn Happy belated Birthday to you!

  4. The Aldridge's

    You know you are just going to give Heather a big head, right? 🙂

  5. Eryn

    I love your new goodies! So cute, and girly! It’s nice to have some pink once in a while in a boy dominated world, isn’t it? I bought myself a pink dayplanner for that very reason…after all, I AM A GIRL.

  6. .

    Can you send me your address again? The email you sent got corrupted somehow.

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