Look at my birthday present from my husband!

Yep, you’re lookin at it!
It’s my new blog design courtesy of
Somehow, in between packing to move and taking a
she took the time to design a new template for my blog in my favorite colors!!
Special thanks to Shannon for the awesome design and to my loving husband Dave for the great gift.
I am a happy blogger
(well, I was a happy blogger before. Now I am a HAPPIER blogger.)
We are having technical difficulties applying the header, so please stayed tuned for the finished product!
(That means that you have to check back often!)


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15 responses to “Look at my birthday present from my husband!

  1. Eryn

    cute cute! and Happy Birthday!

  2. The Pace Posse

    Very fun! And…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. Amanda Forbush Photography

    How much does she charge? I wanted to have a personalizes page too! :)It’s very cute and girlie!

  4. Emily Loria

    CUTE! I love it!

  5. lee ann

    Happy Birthday! I just showed Steve…..because my birthday is coming too! What a great idea.

  6. Erica

    I thought it had Shannon written all over it!! It is really cute! I am doing the same training program!!! What week are you on? I just started week 5, well, I will tomorrow anyhow! I’m so excited that you’re doing the Shamrock!!! We HAVE to hook up! That would be a total blast! Are you nervous about it????

  7. annette

    Hey, i just talked to you and didn’t know it was your birthday! Love the new blog template!!! how old are you? (i just told you my age.) ; ) happy happy day/month/year!

  8. Trish

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. It really was one of my best birthdays of recent memory! Amanda: I have no idea what she charges, it was a gift from my husband and I didn’t ask!Erica: I just did week 3, day one, and it was sooo hard! But I do love it. Can we hook up before shamrock, cuz I know that you and me could be friends!!!!Annette: Okay, since you told me your age……i’m five less 😉

  9. meleea

    Love the new look! Sounds like your birthday was great – happy late birthday!!

  10. Julie

    happy birthday! I’m doing the Shamrock run too! Can’t find a post about it…just infered from your comments! Thats awesome!

  11. Julie

    That is awesome! I heard that program is great! I’m a treadmill runner too. It really is addicting after you get through that initial month or two that hurts so much, huh?!! I’m going to run the 8K. We’ll have to meet up there or something! Good luck on your training. Keep it up!

  12. Erica

    I just started week 5. I’ll tell you what, it actually gets “easier” as I go. I am a little nervous every time I get on the treadmill, but sometime it just takes a few prayers and I get through it! What an accomplishment we’re going to have!! Hey, call me or email me today, I want to talk to you about the Shamrock….882-8950 or monkeymommy3@hotmail.com~Hugs

  13. Erica

    Julie, I’ve never met you before, but I’m on fotogirlz too. I would love to pick your brain about what works in training and building endurance! Can we email?? My address is above!!! How did the half marathon go?

  14. infarrantly creative

    Happy Birthday late…hey come to my bloggy you won! Send me your snail mail address.

  15. Lynne Paulus

    I wondered how you had such fun colors and a great design! How creative of your hubby to think of that as a gift!

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