Cyber Play Date

Ben wanted to have a “playdate” with his good friend Lauren today however, it ended up that she was not at school today. She was out sick with a fever and a sore throat.
He was very bummed that she wasn’t able to come over, so on the way home from school I let him use my cell phone to call her.
It was a very sweet conversation.
He told her what she missed that day in class and that he hoped she felt better.
Then the conversation moved on to a more important seven year old topics.
By the time we pulled in our driveway they had plans to meet in cyberspace.
Ben grabbed his backpack and was in the house almost before I had the car in park. By the time I was in the front door he was logged in and the cyber play date had begun.

Who knew that it would ever come to this?


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5 responses to “Cyber Play Date

  1. The Pace Posse

    So cute! Jaxon has phone dates with a girl from his class. They sit and watch cartoons together on the phone. It’s really sweet.

  2. Gina

    Not so strange. That’ show I spend most of my time talking to YOU!

  3. Julie

    connor got a webkinz for christmas. He is a little young for it but my husband and I have fun playing the games! 😉 BTW,I’m on PART XI of black heels to tractor wheels. I’m totally hooked. I’m sitting here with a bowl of icecream, glued to the screen. How pathetic! 😉

  4. Jennifer P.

    Those crazy webkinz! I’m hoping my children don’t find out about them. Then they’ll want to be on the computer when I’m busy hogging it ;)!

  5. mosiac life

    Emma loves webkinz – loves to blow her own money on them. I can’t see the fascination. Trish, yes, you can add me to your list. Can I add you to mine?

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