Another visit from the Tooth Fairy

Just one month shy of his eighth birthday and Ben has finally lost his second tooth! This time it was a top one. Tonight when the tooth fairy came by with her payment she called me to his room to show me what was under the pillow (other than the tooth):

See the tooth there between the soccer ball and baseball. Well the other thing there is a neatly folded note with an ink pen attached………

It reads:
Dear tooth fairy,
Please circle the answer.
are you a boy?
Yes No
are you older than 10?
Yes No
Love, Ben
P.S. My tooth is over on the side
Funny note coming from a skeptic. I wonder if it is her exit interview?


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3 responses to “Another visit from the Tooth Fairy

  1. Lee Ann

    Oh, that’s a keeper! So fun to watch your kids write and see their imaginations run wild.Another note. I posted about The Memory Keepers Daughter! Loved it!

  2. Emily Loria

    That’s so cute!

  3. Jennifer P.

    Curious kid! I decided that Santa was enough to pretend about, so I told my kids there was no tooth fairy. They didn’t believe me! Guess kids just naturally want to believe!Good thing you got a picture of the note–that’s priceless!

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